Windows Vista Premium: unable to get Internet Connection

By alich2005 ·
Hi everybody,

I am new in Vista operating systems. I have wireless network in home and did adquire a new laptop with Vista Home Premium few days ago.

I have configured all wireless network settings, WPA-Personal, encryption type TKIP and the security key. On the other hand I have configured as "On" in Network and Sharing Center, Network Discovery, the options File Sharing and Password Proteccion. All values provided are correct, the signal is excellent..
BUT, when I try to connect to Internet "Windows cannot connect to Livebox-8700" (Livebox-8700 is my network's name)

I tried to modify the file gpedit.msc but this version of Vista doesn't support Groups Policy, so I don't have that file.

I have run out my resources.. anybody could help me? or give me any clue?

Thank u so much!


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Did you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows Vista Premium: un ...

also enable Media sharing?

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Vista Premium Problem Wireless Connection

by alich2005 In reply to Did you

If I don't have internet connection, the system doesn't allow me turn on the option Media Sharing.

I have update the driver as well.. more ideas?

Thank you :)

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Not sure but try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Vista Premium Problem Wir ...

Turn off IP6 and both Link Layer Discoveries in the LAN Connection Properties and see what happens. There is also reference to some SPI-enabled routers interfering with the connection. Lets know how you get on

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Vista Premium: Problems Wireless Connection

by alich2005 In reply to Not sure but try this

Nothing happens, the problem goes on.. Is not a router. The network administrator is Orange, and we use a USB modem connected to the desktop computer, which has wired connection through this modem.
This system doesn?t have a MAC filter, I could connect with my last laptop (Vist Premium too) without providing my MAC..
I follow to try things and I will let yu know if I get success.. :)
If you have any other idea,I will be here..
Thank you :)

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Here is a link to some reading

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows Vista Premium: un ...
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Vista problems w/ WPA...

by ian.klein In reply to Windows Vista Premium: un ...

check out Article ID 935222 on Microsoft's website...I had similar issues. You have to call MS to get the hotfix, but it is "free" because it is a known issue. If you can live with the problem, then you might want to wait. Other things to try:
1) ensure IPv6 is disabled
2) ensure Teredo Tunneling is disabled
3) disable both the Vista and Norton/McAfee firewalls (assuming you have a firewall on your 802.11 router/switch).
4) If you trust MS, Norton, or McAffee more, then turn off Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) on your 802.11 router/switch (Vista's FW doesn't play nicely with SPI activated).

These are the things I've done (in addition to the regular updating drivers, BIOS, firmware, etc...)

Good luck!

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one more thing

by ian.klein In reply to Vista problems w/ WPA...

don't forget to change the power settings on the wireless adapter... (under advanced on the power settings). Set the power to maximum if it is not already set that way (mine wasn't)...

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