Windows VISTA question...

By smeadows00 ·
My desktop is running MS Vista. I never shut-(power off)- my desktop down except when needed for updates, etc...only
allowing the "monitor" to shut down/power down after a minute or two of no use.
For the past few days, when I move my "mouse" to work with my PC,--- {NO "sleep" or "hibernation" mode enabled...} the only
thing that shows up on my monitor is the phrase: "Out of Range"
I am not using anything "wireless" with my desktop, so I cannot figure
out why I can't get my desktop to come's the craziest thing! I am utilizing "ESET" NOD32 for my anti-virus, etc...and have not had any issues what-so-ever.
Has anyone ever
heard of anything such as this before? I sure could use a bit of "expertise" on this one...thanks so much for the valuable time and
effort exerted on this matter.

Thanks all...Have a great, blessed day!

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Out of range

by Dumphrey In reply to Windows VISTA question...

is referring to the refresh rate of your monitor. For whatever reason, when coming out of "sleep", your monitor is getting a signal it does not like. I assume this is a flat panel monitor (LCD)? Try updating the display driver, and the monitor reference file in device manager. A good test is to set the range of the desktop to 1024 x 760 and 8 bit color. And newish monitor should be able to handle this just fine. Also, go into the advanced tab and click the monitor tab, set the refresh rate down to 60 (has no effect on LCD, but can cause drivers to freak out).
Let me know if this helps, or just doesn't make sense.

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I wholly, non-curmudgeonly, agree. <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Out of range
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Grrrrrr! you just

by Dumphrey In reply to I wholly, non-curmudgeonl ...

ruined my Mental image of you =(

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