Windows Vista SP1 lose connectivity in 2008 Domain

By Thanos K. Kontonasios ·
We have a flat network of 15 PCs an 4 Domain Controllers running Windows 2008. The PCs are Windows Vista Business Edition SP1. The network is flat, meaning the PCs connect to the Servers, with a cisco switch wia a trunk port and the to the Internet. the network works fine, except one particular PC, that constantly loses connectivity to the network. The DNS and DHCP are working perfectly, so I don't think there is an issue from there..Could someone has an idea why this problem constantly occurs??

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This May Sound Silly

by Wizard-09 In reply to Windows Vista SP1 lose co ...

Have you checked the network cable on the machine in question at both end's, meaning at computer end and at the switch end it may be a faulty cable if its only one machine.

Also you may want to try and rejoin it to the domain and see if this helps.

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Checked that also

by Thanos K. Kontonasios In reply to This May Sound Silly

Already done that, and the problem still's very frustrating

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Windows Vista SP1 lose co ...


1.How long before the machine in question drops from the domain.

2.You have rejoined it to the domain, how about you delete the computer account from AD and then rename it to something else rejoin the domain.

3.This could be down to a faultly networkcard just some thoughts.

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re: #3

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Info

3.This could be down to a faulty network card just some thoughts.

Or, the card is allowed to go to sleep to save power. Check the BIOS.


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It could be that

by Thanos K. Kontonasios In reply to re: #3

It could be that, but i checked it right now, and I had disabled power saving mode...

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It's a little bit difficult

by Thanos K. Kontonasios In reply to Info

Removing it and rejoining it to the Domain, is something that I can't do, due to the is a very sensitive position, and I cannot disturb him all the time..the network card, has the latest stable drivers, as all the other PCs in the domain..Also, it doesn't has any standard time, that drops the network...

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Ok Has to be this

by Wizard-09 In reply to It's a little bit difficu ...

Ok the only other thing that i can think of at the min is a faulty port on the switch, maybe plug the cable into another port on that switch or another it might be dropping packets somewere ?

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Will try this

by Thanos K. Kontonasios In reply to Ok Has to be this

Gonna try it and see the results

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Ok let me know how it goes

by Wizard-09 In reply to Ok Has to be this

Ok i will still have a think on what else it could be causing this issue.

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Tried Everything

We tried everything..even removing the client from the directory and putting it back in, changing cables, switch ports, disabling IPv6. nothing the only thing left is to do this:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=restricted

restrict autotuning of the tcp/ip stack.

Will get back with the results.

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