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Windows Vista Trouble

By Ranvir1 ·
I have just installed Windows Vista 32-bit onto my computer but I have encountered a problem. Many times have I re-installed Windows Vista but the same problem continues to occur. What happens is when the installation is finish and it finally restarts for the last time, it goes past the loading screen with the green thing and Microsoft Corportation under it, then a black screen appears and my cursor pops up for two seconds. The circle loading thing is right beside the cursor then it disapears. After that the screen is just black, so I left it for a bit and I came back to see its still the same. So I had to turn off my computer from the power button. I then turn my computer on again and attempt to use safe mode and it works. I am currently typing this while on Safe mode with networking.

This is my only computer and I really want Vista to work. So any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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First thing

by santeewelding In reply to Windows Vista Trouble

That you type into the Run command:

"What hath God wrought?"

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Could be drivers

by NexS In reply to Windows Vista Trouble

Did you buy your computer pre-made in a pack from a supplier (ie: dell, HP, etc)?

You may need to find Vista compatible drivers for your computer's hardware, either on a CD or on a vendor website.

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How so very accommodating

by santeewelding In reply to Could be drivers

And deferential you are to our "IT Department Manager", or, some kid in his underwear living under mother's roof. Or, worse.

Direct (him) to Questions. In Discussions, he is a thing to be played with.

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I was thinking of that

by NexS In reply to How so very accommodating

But then I thought it may be looked upon as greed-for-thumbs.

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Think thou

by santeewelding In reply to I was thinking of that

That I have not been played with here? That, you have not been played with here? That I, for one, will not continue playing with you here? Nor, you with me? Nor, the whole community?

Get real.

This extends as well to Questions. I see flat-out *** holes there, as well.

In either place, I expect an entrant to straighten the tie, pull up the socks, and pull up their fly before uttering a word. If they can't, they have retrenching to do. This includes those from some obscure third-world village -- or, rank youngster -- who prostrate and address TR as an individual Wizard of Oz ("Dear sir,...).

Been watching this place too long.

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It seems

by NexS In reply to Think thou

I need practice; *** hole is slipping away.

Such reiteration has been heeded.

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Rest assured, Nexus

by santeewelding In reply to It seems

You are a luminary. I watch your every word.

I notice, by the way, a certain straightening.

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by NexS In reply to Rest assured, Nexus

In regards to which?

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My editorial we

by santeewelding In reply to Rest assured, Nexus

Leave it to your devise.

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Such as yours

by NexS In reply to Rest assured, Nexus

Is the turning of the moon over the sun.

Which continues.

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