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By jeffrey.ho ·
I currently have Windows XP Professional. I purchased the Vista Home Premier Upgrade version. Not the full version, the upgrade version because it was way cheaper!

Can I upgrade XP Pro to Vista Home premier? I heard from someone that the only way to upgrade to Vista Home is if you have XP Home. They said I have to buy the upgrade to Vista Business or this true?


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by Nimmo In reply to Windows Vista Upgrade Que ...

You can do the upgrade, I did it once in a virtual machine to see how it goes and it runs like a dog.

What happens is that it is just putting vista over the top of xp, which means that you have all the xp crap which slows the machine right down.

I didnt bother but you could tweek it but I recommend that you get the full version and do a fresh install.

If you are going to get a full version of vista read this post first in regards to vista home features.

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