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    Windows Vista & Windows XP can’t see each other


    by healer ·

    I have an XP based computer and a Vista based computer joined together through a modem/router. Both can access Internet but they can’t see each other on the network map even though both have shared public folders, are in the same work group. In Vista, the network is set as private network so it is expected that devices on the network are discoverable. I have downloaded and installed the Link Layer Topology Discovery protocol on the XP computer, so that Vista computer is expected to see the XP computer. I can’t ping the Vista computer from XP though I can do the same from Vista to XP after installing the LLTD on XP. On the Vista computer I can ping localhost but I can’t ping the IP address assigned by the router which has DHCP turned on. Is this something to do with the Vista setup? I then took the router/modem off so no Internet and connected a crossover cat5 cable between the two computers, give them a fixed IP address each, they still can’t see each other. I want the computers to be able to see each other and to map drives for shared directories.

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      by healer ·

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      No solution yet

      by lenny.sita ·

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      I’m having the same identical issue. Did you ever get it resolved? I did everything you mentioned above including some additional things like setting the NetBIOS over TCP/IP and change the Workgroup names again. Let me know if you find an answer and I will do likewise.

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        Problem remains

        by healer ·

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        I have not been working on that network. Hopefully I will get a chance soon. Could you please tell me whether you install the Vista yourself and which edition do you have? I have another network where I installed the Vista Home Basic myself while the computer was connected to the network, the connection between Vista and XP works fine as expected. The Vista computer that has problem was a Dell Athlon bought with Vista already installed.

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      the Fault is By Design

      by reizaal ·

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      Microsoft wants everybody to upgrade all pc to their new sparkling vista, why use the old ones when there is something “superior”?..

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        Home Networking – Can’t See Windows Vista Computer On Windows XP

        by charlalittlejohn ·

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        If you’re using McAfee on your Vista computer be sure your other computer IP is added to the Trusted IP list on the Security Center under Firewall > Advanced > Trusted IP’s on McAfee. This goes for Norton also. Be sure your computer is in the trusted network for Norton.

        Also download and install Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) onto the Windows XP machine.

        Make sure that sharing is enabled on all machines and they belong to the same workgroup. To change the network name on Vista go to “Network and Sharing” and click “Customize” next to WORKGROUP. All your computers must belong to the same WORKGROUP.

        Your network should be set as Private on Windows Vista unless you’re running a Cafe or something. Network Discovery should be set to ON.

        Sometimes you have to reboot, but it most cases it should be seen immediately. Now check and see if you see the computer under Network Places or Network.

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          Still a no-go

          by vipworks ·

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          well I have spent a good 8 hours running from one computer to another – pinging works, sharing works, firewalls are set up properly, on network map (vista) I see other XP computers but cannot see on Windows Explorer. Even after disabling firewalls there is no change. The most annoying is “contact your administrator message” from Microsoft when the do not have solutions to a problem. How many network administrators there are supposed to be inb the world? Even if we assume 1 network admin for 100 home/small office networks, we would need millions of network admins. Pathetic.

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        Not really…

        by bdean602 ·

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        Vista is deemed a bit more secure.. “haha” – So to answer the question of why, you can’t see shared resources between XP, OSX, *NIX or any other OS for that matter on the same network, is because you need to open certain ports, letting vista map/see/use the resource.

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