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Windows Vista with multiple Hard Drives

By alexander.david.r ·
Greetings, I am trying to install the new Vista beta on my machine. I ran the windows vista advisory client to check parts on my system and everything but my SATA RAID drives on the motherboard passed. I had recieved word from a friend that it should not matter so i proceeded to install. It restarted several times and then ran into an error before abruptly shutting down and restarting before i had a chance to get the error in detail. What I managed to grab was that it said a quick message about the RAID drivers. After finnaly managing to get my XP Pro to work again im ready for another try at Vista. However I plan something different.
I have 3 hard drives on my system. Each is 300gb with 2 being used the most. The third is a file storage area for programs and video and picture files keeping them off of my main hard drive for the system to use. My plan is to move the files from the third drive and put them both on DVDs and on the second drive (the non-c important drive) and use that third drive for installing vista. This time I will disconnect the other 2 drives from the computer and just leave the third attached. However im concerned that if i did this that it would lock the motherboard from booting the other hard drive if I were to re-attach it.
Does this sound like a viable option to others? Or can someone let me know of another solution that has worked for them?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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by CG IT In reply to Windows Vista with multip ...

All I'll say is that in installing Vista on a computer with 2 IDE drives one of which was a dynamic drive [logical drive in an extended partition, Vista did not recognize the logical drive right off the bat. I had to "import" the drive before Vista would see it. Further, because the data was NTFS, some folders are denied access even with an administrators account. The ACL for those folders and files were retained. Had to take ownership before the Access Control Program would allow the administrators account complete access. This was on a fresh install of Vista in the primary partition on one drive with data and applications on other partitions on another drive.

I'd do an upgrade from XP SP2. Supposedly the upgrade path will allow your SATA drives to be recognized.

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by alexander.david.r In reply to
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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows Vista with multip ...

What you'll need to do is make a copy of the SATA Drivers and put them in the Root of a Floppy so that the Vista Install can grab the necessary drivers.

When you reach this stage you'll be presented with a blank window and a tick in a box that says something about ignoring unsigned drivers for Vista. Uncheck this box and select one of the available SATA drivers and then continue it should install without a problem.

As far as the other drives go you could have a problem if you had a RAID deployed as you'll need to reinstall the drive before attempting to Boot XP again but it shouldn't do any permanent damage.

There is one other thing to look out for and that is any pictures burnt to CD/DVD this should only be considered as a Temporary Measure as Kodak says that Burnt CD/DVDs start to loose picture quality after about 3 years in ideal conditions and if you are not careful with these DVDs it could be much shorter so be careful with them and when you have finished with the Time Bomb called Vista remember to copy them back to the HDD to maintain the quality of the pictures.

Personally I've just fitted another 200 GIG SATA Drive to a Pentium Extreme with 4 GIG of RAM and a 256 MEG Video Card and other than not finding the SATA driver which XP did the install of both the 32 & 64 Bit versions went smoothly. When I had to go out on a job I shut down and replaced the SATA leads to the original drives and it's working perfectly without any adverse affects of the Vista Install. The only thing that you need to remember is that with the 64 Bit version there are not many Drivers Available for Hardware and even fewer Software Applications available so if you are using that version you'll have a lot of Hardware Problems that you may not be able to install drivers for some hardware.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

The only things that the 32 Bit version of Vista failed to pickup on the install besides the SATA controller was an Aver Media Video Capture Card and a Creative Web Cam both of which work perfectly with the XP drivers & software.


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by alexander.david.r In reply to
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by alexander.david.r In reply to Windows Vista with multip ...

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