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windows vista

By g2jayk3 ·
why does vista take such a long time to start up and shut down?
did not do this when i purchased this computer about a year ago....

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Because the operating system has been jammed with crap

by Deadly Ernest In reply to windows vista

in order to try and make it look a bit better than XP.

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remove crap

by g2jayk3 In reply to Because the operating sys ...

what can i do to speed it back up? how do i get rid of this crap?

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Same way

by santeewelding In reply to remove crap

You clean a toilet after prolonged use with no attention. You scrub. Means you have to get down on your hands and knees.

In this case, even a crude understanding of computer science would help.

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If you wish to stay using Windows Vista, you can't - if you

by Deadly Ernest In reply to remove crap

want, you may be able to go back to running Win XP, depending upon the system as some of the retail systems from Dell, HP, etc have hardware for which they have no XP drivers. Or you can clean it right up and switch to Unix (say Free BSD) or Linux (I use SimplyMepis Linux .

Some other people may be able to tell you about a few fine tuning things you can do in Vista, I don't know of any that I would consider worth the trouble to go through.

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