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Windows not upgrading

By ccthompson ·
Well, I know this may have been asked already, so i apoligize in advance.

But now that I have completly upgraded my network to XP, and windows 2003 server. Everything is actually running pretty smooth, no kidding.

Now that I am to this point, and many of you out there are as well, is there a point to upgrading to Vista?

Sure down the road, when all the software apps will no longer run XP, but until then why? Not to mention the requirements that are need to run this thing.

So I ask, who plans to just right on the Vista train, and who, like me, are going to ride it out as long as possible?


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Not interested

by jim_stables In reply to Windows not ...

Seems to be a cute toy. I think I'll stay with XP pro. XP is already a very powerful OS. I would venture to say most people don't use or are even fimilar with the features of XP.
On another note IE7 is a needed improvement, but it's a copycat of Opera and Firefox. If you want to have some fun, change one of your users from IE6 to IE7 and watch their responses, without all of the pretty internet pictures to link to they will be lost.

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Eh ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Not interested

IE7 is not a copy of any Mozilla based browser, it's just comes in similar wrapping paper.
The only thing they copied was tabbed browsing, which is not the reaon why most people switched away from IE anyway.

IE7 doesn't support images ?

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