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    Windows Vista’s firewall. (Ultimate) vs. Kasperskey Intenet Security


    by jjstccean ·

    I’ve been using Vista since it’s release in January 2007. In this time I’ve been evaluating various Antivirus programs and the one I decided best was Kasperskey’s Antivirus (my opinion). Then I read about how Vista’s firewall is not entirely trustworthy and I immediately shopped around for a firewall (IS) and ended up with an eval of KIS. What I decovered after the install, is that KIS does not disable Vista’s firewall (altough during the install KIS reports that it is disabling Vista’s firewall) After rebooting my system I had to disable Vista firewall manually. How come does this happen, is the Vista firewall so stubborn that it won’t allow a 3rd party security application such as a firewall to disable it? I intent to ask KIS support about this also. Is there a cure for this?

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