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Windows Vista's Shrink Volume feature

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Anyone who has tried re-partitioning hard disk knows what a painfull job it is; if you don't utilize any third party tool, you have no other option but to delete existing partition such as C: or to create the new ones, resulting in re-installing everything from the scratch. With Windows Vista, this has changed a little; you don't really have to buy third party tools to be able to accomplish that. You can use the "Shrink" feature in Disk Management which will allow you to shrink an existing partition or volume to create unallocated disk space, from which you can create a new partition or volume. Here are the steps on how to do that:

1. Open Computer Management by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Computer Management.‌
2. In the Navigation pane, under Storage, click Disk Management.
3. Right-click the volume you want to shrink, and then click Shrink Volume.
4. Follow the instructions on your screen.

For detailed information on how to shrink a volume, open Disk Management, click Help on the menu bar, click Help Topics, click the Contents tab, click Disk Management: Welcome, click Manage Basic Volumes, and then click Shrink a Basic Volume.


- If you have multiple partitions on your hard disk, you can delete and create partitions from the resulting unallocated space. When you delete a partition, all data on the partition will be erased.

- You can only shrink basic volumes that have no file system or use the NTFS file system.

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