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Windows vs. Mac - Challenge: What Software

By boitsfort ·
In a lot of discussions and forums, people discuss the Mac vs. Windows war: how good is one and how better is the other. Very often, Windows fans claim that Mac's world lack the applications.
Let's have a challenge online right here. Please nominate any application for Windows and the challenge is to find equivalent (or same) for Mac. The focus I propose is on Home computing. I'm not talking about specific business apps.
The goal is not to find the same application, but an application that will achieve same or similar results.

Windows fans, please shoot first. Mac fans, please respond quickly.

And let's enjoy the (friendly) fight.
My bet is that no application (should say function) will be absent from Mac's world and force a Windows buy. let's see...

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Adobe Premi?re Pro

by boitsfort In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ...

I'll be the first to shoot. Adobe Premi?re Pro is not available for Mac! You will need a Windows XP machine for it!

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Final Cut Pro

by boitsfort In reply to Adobe Premi?re Pro

Final Cut Pro is the Mac solution for professional video editing (and more).
So the function: high end video editing definitely exist on Mac. OK, Final Cut Pro is certainly not 1 to 1 equivalent for Adobe Premi?re Pro, but for sure both application do deliver the feature requirements for quality video editing.

That was my example of the proposed challenge. Go ahead guys, shoot now.

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VMWare Workstation

by BFilmFan In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ...

VMWare Workstation which allows the operation of virtualized guest operating systems on a host OS. This allows an engineer to model an environment for testing purposes without buying additional hardware.

VMware Workstation 5 does not run on RISC architectures, including SPARC or PowerPC. It cannot be installed on a UNIX-based or Apple machine.

I am not aware of any virtualization software which operates on MAC.

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Virtual PC for Mac OS X

by GordonK In reply to VMWare Workstation

Virtual PC made by Microsoft! It can virtualize Windows 2000/XP Home/XP Professional on a Mac OS X 10.2+.

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VMWare on Unix-based OS

by Choppit In reply to VMWare Workstation
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VMWare for home users?

by allanjder In reply to VMWare Workstation

VPC came from the original Mac OS developer, they developed it for x86 systems. With the Intel based Macs, they will be able to boot with Windows. VPC will still be useful if one needs to run both platforms at the same time. Could be even faster if it were to address the Intel hardware directly.

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Video Games (we are taking about home computing not business)

by mjwx In reply to Windows vs. Mac - Challen ...

If you are like me you use your home PC (I should really say Computer) for entertainment as much as practical work. To many a geek, video games are the chief from of relaxation. Many video games only run on a windows box. I will name a few now:
Far Cry
Call of Duty

In video games alone a Mac looses 50% of its entertainment functionality.

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You migh have a point

by boitsfort In reply to Video Games (we are takin ...

I'm not a specialist, but I can admit that video games are quite specific. Some are available on both Mac and Windows, and other solely on one or the other. So one willing to play that particular game not available on Mac would have to go for a Windows PC.

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Home Design and landscaping Programs

by bobmollyralph In reply to You migh have a point

The last time I checked, Macs were limited to Abracadata Design Your Own Home, and Design Workshop which offers a free Lite version. Design Workshop only works in the Macintosh Classic environment, which is not supported in Mac OS 10.

This debate might be mute in near future, now that Macs are using Intel processors.

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I would just like to point out

by mjwx In reply to You migh have a point

That for once I am not having a go at Mac?s. I would like to say however that Mac?s (IMO) are built for a singular purpose, which is producing graphics. As graphic design is not my forte I can?t say how well they do this purpose.

For the record Windows is built to do everything and does an OK job at doing everything but it can?t do anything one thing very well. Linux is built to be a server, which it does very well but has little in the way of desktop functionality.


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