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Windows Whistler Personal OS

By earl ·
For what ever reason my HP desktop went down and I have been trying to recover by trying to get the computer into either the sfae mode or going to the last known good configuation. When choosing any of these options,I go to the next screen and the only choice of OS is something called the MS Whistler Personal OS. I don't even see my XP OS. What is this? How can I fix my problem?

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by lhatcher In reply to Windows Whistler Personal ...

Whistler was the original name for XP, it was changed to xp feb 2001.

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by lhatcher In reply to

have you managed to boot the "windows whistler" post a comment, so that we can help.

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by korgmeister In reply to Windows Whistler Personal ...

you didnt tell us what is happennig after 'MS Whitstler' appeared? is it able to boot?

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by mike In reply to Windows Whistler Personal ...

I don't have a solution to your problem, I'm afraid, but I have the same problem. If you have found a solution, I'd be grateful if you'd let me know how you solved the problem.

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by mckinzie In reply to Windows Whistler Personal ...

Hav the same problem with a pc of a relative. found that xp key works with xp home edition (including sp2) Think it won't make much difference.

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How to fix it

by charlie1000 In reply to Windows Whistler Personal ...

did you say you had XP, well if you did and you install MS Whistler with XP, then your Bootmanger is corrupted, due to Windows Wistler is Old bootmanger from Windows 2000 (Neptune), that means your Windows XP has lost its Bootmanger. you have to re-install Windows Whistler, then Windows XP.

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Windows Whistler Personal reply

by cory13 In reply to Windows Whistler Personal ...

Hey I know its an old post but i ran into the same problem today.tried to boot in safe mode and it went to the boot menu and said "windows whistler personal" so did some research and its just an earlier version to xp home edition . this was just the codename.No big deal..cheers

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Windows Whistler Personal

by pmaynard In reply to Windows Whistler Personal ...

I too did a boot in safe mode and my only choice was Whistler personal as OS but I stopped there and did not continue. I have a Trojan called Desktop Defender 2010 which hijacked my Desktop, Task manager ETC so I decided to let Microsoft help me get rid of it instead of trying to tackle it on my own. It seems Microsoft has decided to give free tools and support for these nasties and they have already helped me once before to get rid of "Malware Defender". I would try to get rid of it myself if I could find precise and accurate instructions by Microsoft( after all it is their product that is involved here). I find it very hard to trust anyone, especially if its free, when there are so many fake programs out there. By the way, I downloaded one of the Microsoft tools and put it on a disk and I think maybe because it was in the drive at the time I started my PC up that it may have caused it to read as "Microsoft Whistler Personal" as the OS. My question is, did anyone else have a disk in their drive at the time of boot?

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