Windows will not boot after getting "something bad has happened" msg

By redf1shbluef1sh ·
Let me preface this with: "I am not technically savy." I turned my PC on expecting to see my Windows XP media center version loading. Instead I saw a message,

"Something bad has happened"

which referenced AVG 7.5 (My anti-virus program) The wording was a shocker. You can feel your heart sink to your toes when your computer informs you"something-bad-has-happened". Being the ultimate in non-confrontation, I clicked on the little red X in the upper right corner. Twice.
The computer screen turned black with white writing that told me it was sorry, but windows did not load. Perhaps it was new hard / soft-ware? No. I had not added anything lately. Perhaps a power interruption? Possibly.
I chose"Start Windows normally" Didn't work. Then I chose to restart with the setting "Last good configuration" No dice. It looped back to the same screen. Over and over again. Same thing with "Safe" mode; "Safe" mode with networking; and "safe mode with command prompt".I turned the computer off and back on. I tapped on F8 and tried everything on that list.
I cannot get off a black screen. I cannot find a DOS prompt. Am I beyond help? Have I lost my Minesweeper stats? Is there hope? Thank-you in advance for your assistance.

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by alphatech9 In reply to Windows will not boot aft ...

I have used AVG a few times, and I'm assuming the "something bad has happened" is an AVG message, or something since it is not a Windows message....

I would run a virus scan, and an adware scan. It is common for Malware to say things like that so scare you into buying some of their software. Perhaps you let some Malware worm it's way into your OPSYS via your browser or something.

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Some things to think of

by w2ktechman In reply to Windows will not boot aft ...

Try this

I have had to use this after power problems (both spikes and brownouts). Also if the system is shut down incorrectly, this may help.

Or, you could decide to lose those minesweeper stats (I know its hard, but sometimes you just gotta let go) LOL, and re-build the system...

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I side with w2ktechman

by CG IT In reply to Some things to think of

better to lose the minesweeper stats.

you can must muscle your way through the loss and in no time get back the stats.

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Thanks for the ideas

by redf1shbluef1sh In reply to Windows will not boot aft ...

Thanks for the replies.
alphatech9: AVG denies culpability. I cannot run virus scan. I cannot boot a DOS prompt, let alone Windows.
w2ktechman: I was trying to avoid bying info from Microsoft, I'll try following the link.
My son advises getting a cheap partitionable harddrive to recover Word, Excel and Adobe files. ??

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That is not a bad idea

by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks for the ideas

back up the files and rebuild.

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