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windows will not load for me now

By d70or90 ·
windows, on my laptop, will not load now..i was using the laptop, rebooted, and when windows tries to load now all i get are error messages saying this and that files are needed for windows to continue....
what have i done? ...

thank you

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by j.lupo In reply to windows will not load for ...

What were you doing and what are the specific error messages. There are too many possibilities with what you have listed here. Do you have the master install disks? Do you have an emergency boot disk?

With a boot disk you can boot into safe mode and then try to fix what you did.

Please provide more information, here in Tech Q&A and I am sure the community will help you out.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to windows will not load for ...

Without all the extra detail you have already been asked for there are only two things I can suggest:

1. During boot up hit F8 and take the system into SAFE MODE - see if you can identify the problem by checking drivers or faulty devices etc, and fix.

2. Find the original install disc boot from that as if installing and when asked do you want to install or repair, choose the repair option.

If you manage to do either of the above and go, then just reinistall cause something major has been shot dead.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to windows will not load for ...

The first thing that I would do is to run a HDD testing Utility just to make sure that the Drive is actually working correctly. If the HDD is failing or the HDD Controller is going bad this will throw up this kind of message.

HDD's and NB's don't mix well together as they have a very short life expediently mainly because the devices are mobile and if you move a NB around while the HDD is running you can do some Physical Damage to the HDD. But if it tests as OK you can proceed to do an In place Install of Windows by following the directions here

If you do this you'll have to reapply any Service Packs and Patches that have become available since your Original Install Windows CD was made.

If the Drive doesn't test as OK remove it and test it in another computer that is known as good to make sure that it's actually the HDD and not the Drive Controller that is giving the error message.


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