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Windows won the battles-MAC whens the war?

By mattie289404 ·
With Steve Ballmer as CEO (since 2000) will windows lose the war? MAC Light has DDR3, 802.11n, Solid State Drive, and we have a generation that knows nothing of the famous MAC vs PC war, but are computer savvy. Will the power tilt the other way if Microsoft does not produce the best technology or is it there plan to see what MAC retails and then betters it...kinda like receive or punt first in football.

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Lots of laptop have ddr3

by Forum Surfer In reply to Windows won the battles-M ...

And 802.11n...and ssd's. It's not really a war anymore except for fanatics, it's more of a preference thing now.

I was recently given $1400 to pick up a laptop for work. I really wanted a macbook and I intended to load xp or vista on it...mostly due to tons of networking tools that I use to manage a large cisco shop. I wanted at least 4 gigs of memory,802.11n, bt. any size 7200 rpm drive and the intel c2d T9600 processor. I also wanted it to be portable, but larger than 13.3"...like 14.1". Macbook pro 15" with my specs? Way over my budget, even after multiple vendor consultations. Closest I could get was $1600 for the 2.4ghz model with only 2 gigs memory, still over budget. I could have gotten the 13.3" model (still not up to my desired specs), but 13.3" is just too small.

I ended up settling on a latitude e6400, with dockicking station and the above specs <i>and</i> a docking station. I was convinced by many that when comparing similarly spec'd apples to other vendor's products the prices were close. I found out otherwise, at least with laptops.

Apple spends too much time on frilly exterior design or style imo that I don't care for. Everyone else is releasing desktops with Intel's latest core i7 processor and triple channel ddr3 memory, Mac must be busy designing a shiny new box to put it in.

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by ballmerrocks In reply to Windows won the battles-M ...

You are obviously one of the higher educated Mac people!

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Is This THE Ballmer!

by mattie289404 In reply to What?

RedMond Wash..ballmerrock..tell me its true...you wildman...

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