windows wont boot after insatalling RAM.

By martel153 ·
i currently have 1 memory 512Mb and i bought another one the same as of the old one, but after i installed it, turned on but crashes whle starting up wndows. now, when i turn it on, the monitor only says "please chaeck video cable". i tred swapping the 2 RAMs but same result. i tried to remove the new one but its still not workin. im a student please help me. tnx guys

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Well it would help to know ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to windows wont boot after i ...

What sort of PC you've got and which operating system runs on it.

Did you follow the monitor message and check the video cable?

When. you say "..turned on but crashes whle starting up wndows" do you mean it Boots then crashes? Or do you mean it doesn't do anything at all?

At which point of the Boot does it crash?

Can you access the BIOS to see if the new RAM is recognised?

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by martel153 In reply to Well it would help to kno ...

the time i plugged in the second memory, it ran but crashed when i tried selecting my user account. after that i cant access the bios it doesnt do anything at all. i checked the cable and even tried the other caBLES. my computer runs on windows 2010 home edition, i dont even know f its legit.

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RE: "..computer runs on windows 2010 home edition" ??...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to tried

Windows 2010 Home Edition eh? That's not an operating system I've ever heard of. I was expecting something like Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

When you say "..i dont even know f its legit" - what are you referring to?

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by martel153 In reply to RE: "..computer runs on w ...

technicians reformat our pc last month, and they say the os is wndows 2010. assholes. i dont know f the os is an orignal, what should do to fix our computer? my moms going to kill me. . .

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Now entering the Twilight Zone ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to hehehehe

What 'technicians' are we talking about here?

When this system DID boot, what image appeared on the screen during the boot?

What your mother has to do with any of this is anyone's guess.

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What happens

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to tried

Turn off unplug the computer and remove all the RAM completely?

If that gives you a POST Screen, turn off, unplug and refit the original RAM into the Socket that it was in and see what happens now.

If that works turn off, unplug and fit the new RAM Module to the next Socket then plug in start up and enter the BIOS and make sure that the system is correctly identifying the installed RAM. If it is Exit the BIOS Saving The Changes as you exit and hopefully the system will now boot. Though to be perfectly honest you may have corrupted the OS by forcing the system to use the new RAM while not telling it that there was new RAM Fitted so it was forced to Map the Installed RAM as the Smaller Amount which could lead to File Corruption.

Though here I have no idea what windows 2010 home edition is but I can stat categorically that isn't a M$ Designation for any of their products.


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Try this on

by jamesmondtan In reply to windows wont boot after i ...

1. turn off your pc, remove all memory and the battery on the motherboard.

2. check if your pc have bios jumper, set the jumper to reset bios ( referring to motherboard manual).

** make sure you check the mzh of the ram, is it same as your old one. if you are not sure, only plug in the old ram.

3. wait for 10 minutes and on the pc.

* this is quit technical, but hopefully can help.

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