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    Windows won’t boot up


    by teriward ·

    Went to turn on lap top this morning and windows won’t boot up. It goes right to launch start up repair screen but when windows loads files the next screen is the windows blue screen and nothing Nothing loads at all. I have no clue how to proceed from here. Do I take it to a pro or can I manage this

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      by teriward ·

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      Well assuming that you are using some form of Windows Vista or 7

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Windows won’t boot up

      And the Rebuild Option is not working I would look at a possible hardware failure.

      As you posted here you must have access to another computer of some kind so try downloading the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

      http://www.ultimatebootcd .com/download.html
      [i]remember to remove the space from between the [b]ultimatebootcd[/b] and the [b].com[/b] for a working link.[/i]

      Then when you have the CD Burnt drop it into the Optical Drive and test the Hardware. I would start with the RAM and also test the HDD but it really could be almost anything.

      As we have no idea of your actual Note Book it could even have a recall Notice for it issued so I would also check with it’s makers Web Site to see if there are any known issues or recalls out for that model.


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