Windows won't load how do I fix it?

By Jacobwb7 ·
I am not the most tech savvy individual but I grew up with computers so likewise I am not completely hopeless.

I had a pesky bit of malware Desktop Security 2010, my usual malware program was for some reason not removing it all (Malware Bytes). So I decided to become adventurous and try another malware remover, A Squared, it seemed credible enough and very well may be. But after it went to quarantine all of the problems it had detected windows displayed a small little box with a red circle and X which said Windows had to shutdown and I had 60 seconds to save all my work.

Windows shutdown, and of course when it came to reload I decided to go with the option to start windows normally... at which point it would display this delightful blue screen,

When I'd attempt to start Windows from the "Last Known Good Configuration" it will load and stay, not frozen, but Ctrl, Alt, Delete will not bring up the Task Manager. This is what that looks like

Now I tried to load in "Safe Mode" to no avail it will load a cursor, All black Screen and "Safe Mode" displayed in all four corners but no interface, command prompt, nothing, even when I load "Safe Mode with Command Prompt"

I'm really hoping, as anyone would that I can fix this error and recover my files.

I appreciate any and all help in advance, Thank You

As a subnote, I have read a couple other posts on this forum in regards to this type of problem. I do not currently have a "Windows XP" disk, or an HP Recovery Disk or any disk of the sort. Though I do have a series of back up disks made approximately 6 months ago.

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sounds like

by jck In reply to Windows won't load how do ...

If you don't have an XP disk, I'd say find one of the same type as your install. Re-install XP.

Or, you could get another drive with a fresh install of XP and make your current boot drive the slave and see if the drive is having any issues by running a diagnostic.

Otherwise, it could be a plethora of things wrong, including a corrupt registry entry, bad driver, etc.

Good luck

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by Kenone In reply to Windows won't load how do ...

How many sticks of memory do you have in this machine? If more than one take one out and reboot, still BSOD? Swap memory sticks and try again. It's a long shot but it might work, otherwise it's time to call HP and get a set of recovery disks.

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