Windows won't start up, just rebootss itsself

By akers ·
When starting windows, it gets to the point where the green lights go horizontally and then a blue screen flashes for a second and the computer reboots. In safe mode it starts scrolling dos prompts annotating different files and then after a bit reboots. Help

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You can try the Ultimate Boot CD o test the Hardware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows won't start up, j ...

It's available here

Or you can perform a Rescue Install of Windows the directions are here

But if you have any Encrypted Files you are going to need to pull the HDD and read off the encryption keys before attempting to perform a reinstall of Windows or your Encrypted Data will be Junk.

Also if you ave a hardware fault this will not work so I would really suggest either the Ultimate Boot CD to test he Hardware or a Live Linux to see if your hardware is actually working. These run directly off a CD and load into Memory and Do Not affect any previously installed OS on the system. You can try your local Newsagent for a Linux Mag with a Live Linux as a Cover CD or you can download or buy one from here

My first option would be Knoppix STD but if you want something lean & fast Puppy Linux will do the trick quite nicely.


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To add to Cols suggestion

by Kiltie In reply to Windows won't start up, j ...
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A bit more info

by animatech In reply to Windows won't start up, j ...

IS this the first time you are trying to boot to windows or you were able to do so before?
Did you try booting up with last known good configuration or booting in debug mode?
Which OS do you use XP,W2K?
Did you made any changes to hardware since the last successful boot?
Did you performed an update to a driver\OS?
Do you have a recover disk to use when booting with the recovery tool?
I like the idea of booting up with a Linux live CD as this can give you access to logs and will help finding what has happened.

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A bit more info

by akers In reply to A bit more info

I'm running xp and have made no changes to the hardware. No update to drivers. I do not have a recover disk. Seems as though they are not providing such an animal.

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Sometimes the Recovery Data is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A bit more info

On a Hidden Partition on the HDD. You'll have to read the destruction manual to find out how to access this if that's the case as you haven't listed a Make/Model of computer.


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Name of computer

by akers In reply to Sometimes the Recovery Da ...

Thank you. Unfortunatly the computer is one of those Best Buy house brand computers. I cannot find a brand on the machine at all. Maybe I'll try Best Buy to see if their records show anything.

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Maybe you got a virus or spyware infection

by Pcfreakske2000 In reply to Windows won't start up, j ...

Maybe you got a virus or spyware infection.

Or your harddrive is damaged or broken.

You could try installing a new harddrive.

You need to put the new one as MASTER , just move the jumper.

The one you have now ( when you buy a new harddrive this will be the "old" one ), you need to set it to SLAVE when you install a new drive.

Because otherwise it will not work properly.

Another possibility is setting it to "AUTODETECT". This allows Windows or your BIOS to set it up automatically.

The "drastic" option is to just reinstall Windows XP again.

You can keep the existing data on your drives. Or have a good backup handy.

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