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windows XP 2000 unable to load

By ccmaz2001 ·
Following come connection problems with my internet or wireless networking I tried to restore my settings for my previous day.My PC went on to automatic re-starting but would not load on to windows.The restart process would carry on with no end on sight.During this process an error message'auto check programme not found-this will be skipped' flashes.Tried to start on safe mode, etc but would not help. please help!

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by zlitocook In reply to windows XP 2000 unable to ...

I have never seen that error message, you could have a virus or some other malware. Do you have a place where you can down load Stinger? It is a free virus finder remover from Mcafee.It will not boot into safe mode at all? Try booting to your XP CD and doing a repair. Have you backed up your computer? You could try one of the bootable CD's like Kloppix or Bartpe to try to repair it. Or if need be take it to a shop to see if they can repair or save your files.

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by ICB's corner In reply to windows XP 2000 unable to ...

The problem sounds like your system have got a virus. I think you should scan with a bootable antivirus CD. After that you can try a repair using Windows CD. Call a specialist if problem overwhelm you.

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by charwell04 In reply to windows XP 2000 unable to ...

HAve you changed any obvious things in either the bios or the starup or boot manager? As it could be that the computer is trying to run a program or boot from something that was there yesterday and not today.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to windows XP 2000 unable to ...

Same thing just happened to a client of mine. He's been using computers since DOS 5.0, so he thought he had a handle on things. Two months later, and after spending two weeks with a "professional", he gave me a call. If there is data from the Hard drive you need... STOP trying to fix this problem, STOP trying to write to the hard drive. Google ZAR or do a search here on the techrepublic. Full version of the app costs $90.00, but there is a trial version (limited directory/file recovery - for Hard drives). Good Luck

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by tcheche In reply to windows XP 2000 unable to ...

OK. I agree with stop booting the computer. Every time that you reboot, data is overwritten. You have a couple of options, to try to recover your data. First, if you have access to another pc, make sure that it is 100% up to date with virus protection. Then, attatch the Hard drive from the "corrupted" system, and scan that drive with the virus scan on the good boot drive.Once you've scanned the bad drive, and come up clean, you can copy the data over to the new/ good drive.

Your second option is to use XP recovery. If you boot to the XP CD, work your way through to where it asks you if you want to recover an old XP installation. I don't remember the exact Syntax. I recomend that you do this only AFTER you have gotten your Data from the drive.

And lastly, I'm assuming that "Last known good configuration" didn't work either (does it EVER?).

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