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Windows XP 3Gb Memory "Limitation"

By Shayming ·
Ok,, No I know that it is not a limitation as such, but is there some way we can get Windows XP Pro 32Bit to actually show that there is 4gb inside the machine. I understand that a huge chunk of the 4gb ram is going to PCI-Express, Onboard devices, peripheral and whatever.. It is just a bit concerning that even though 3rd party utilities like SiSoft Sandra can show that there is actually 4x 1024MB DDR2 667 Memory modules in the machine.. Would it have been such an issue for Microsoft to at least do the same. Any case,, Any idea on how to get windows to see the full 4gb?

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Remove Memory Switch

by BFilmFan In reply to Windows XP 3Gb Memory "Li ...
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Remove Memory Switch Reply

by Shayming In reply to Remove Memory Switch

Thanks for your reply.
I've checked for a /3gb switch and there was none.. Which I think is cool cause I didn't want to mess with it's settings, however, Do I understand you correctly in saying that I should add the /PAE switch and that maybe that will extend Windows Capabilities to accept the 4gb?

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by Shayming In reply to Remove Memory Switch

I've tried adding the /PAE to the boot.ini but for some reason it didn't make any difference. Windows System Properties pages still only displays 3Gb of memory.

Anything else I can try... Please.
Thanks for your help so far.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Hmmm.

only address more memory it duz not actulaly change the ammount of memory in the system information, cahnge your bios options to recognise the extra memory then the operating system should follow suite.

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Don't use /PAE or /3GB

by homertbush In reply to Windows XP 3Gb Memory "Li ...

Dude don't waste your time on this. Win XP IS using 4GB of memory. You're right, devices are chewing it up.

Break down here:

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Why does 10 Gb still show as 3?

by njdayv In reply to Don't use /PAE or /3GB

I've got 10 Gb installed but WinXP still only shows me 3...

I doubt devices are "chewing" up 7 Gb of my RAM...

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Because of 32Bit address limitations

by IC-IT In reply to Why does 10 Gb still show ...

Thusley 32Bit XP can only address up to 4GB.
The 64Bit would see and use your entire 8GB and up to 16.8 million terabyte capacity (well except for any physical limitations of course).

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