Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit???

By wompai ·
Hey, guys

I'm thinking of upgrading my OS to a 64-bit OS of Windows XP. I have a 32-bit OS. Will this change the overall performance of my system? What will change? Can my PC handle this?

My systems specs ( just in case):

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (2.59 GHz)
RAM: 1536 MB (400 MHz DDR PC3200) + 4096 MB (pagefile on separate IDE HDD)
Sound: Sweex Sound Bkaster 5.1 vx
Video: ATI Sapphire Radeon HD 4600 series AGP (VRAM:1024 MB)
Drives: DVD Reader + DVD Burner + Floppy
Storage: Hitachi 500GB IDE HDD (Storage only) + Western Digital 10GB IDE HDD (Pagefile only)
Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3 32-Bit

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Depends on your M'Board and how much RAM it can carry

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

A 64 Bit System will not have the same drivers that the 32 Bit Version has so you may have problems with some hardware not being fully functional. Mostly it's things like Web Cams, Scanners and Printers but there may be some others that you'll have issues with.

Also the only real benefit of a 64 Bit System is it can address more than 3.25 GIG or Total System RAM this includes the Video RAM as well as System RAM.

If you want to improve the performance increase the RAM you have installed to as much as the M'Board can carry or 4 GIG which ever is the lowest amount.

While XP64 was OK there where a lot of Drivers not written for it so a lot of the Hardware will not work quite right if at all and as there is no Software written for a 64 Bit OS there is no real advantage in using a 64 Bit OS at the moment.


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what about Windows 7?

by wompai In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

I also heard great things about Windows 7... It would beat both Vista and XP in startup and shutdown times, file copies and data transfer, but I don't know if any of these benefits would also occur on my single-core system. It is said that Windows 7 had great gaming performances, but my video-card is designed to run on XP- systems or systems that use AGP. Which is a relatively old slot... I just want the best OS for my system... I use it mostly for gaming so if the startup time decreases by 3 seconds and my overall framerate by ca. 10 or so, I won't be bothered...

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Reponse To Answer

by TheChas In reply to what about Windows 7?

You can go to Microsoft.com/Windows and find the Windows 7 upgrade advisor tool.
Download and run the tool to see what hardware and software has known compatibility issues with Windows 7.

Still, I would stick with XP on older hardware until you are ready to upgrade your system.


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64 Bit Motherboard

by TheChas In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

Me thinks you need to upgrade your motherboard before you upgrade to a 64 bit OS.

Based on the description of Pentium 4 and the RAM speed, it sounds like you have a 32 bit motherboard. Therefore, you can't install the 64 bit version of any operating system.

I myself would skip the 64 bit version of XP and go straight to a new system with the 64 bit version of Windows 7.

First reason is that you only have just over 3 years of security patch support for XP. After that, any new security holes will not be patched.

Second, there just is not a lot of 64 bit software that will run on XP with the limited amount of physical RAM you have.

Third, there have been a lot of reports that the 64 bit version of XP is more beta-ware than finished software.

Keep in mind that just installing a 64 bit OS does not of itself provide any performance improvement. Your applications must be able to take advantage of the 64 bit OS and the extra RAM you can install on a 64 bit system.


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I go along with OH Smeg and TheChas on this one...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

Windows 7 64 bit (ultimate if you can afford it) does run smoother than 32 bit. I would say 64bit is the way to go plus you can have lots of apps running without the system crashing. The new motherboards now-a-days come with 64bit coded programs/applications and drivers.

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Sounds like you have an old 32bit board

by Slayer_ In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

That would not work with a 64bit OS. AGP slots were dead for almost 5 years before 64 bit CPU's became mainstream.
As a gaming system, your hosed, XP will give you the best performance. Vista and Win7 are a dog in comparison. Especially on a single core processor.

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by wompai In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

Thanks that's everything I needed to know!

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If you play older games

by seanferd In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

make sure they will run on 7.

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Older games do work on Win 7....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

Though saying that it depends on how old. You can run games as far back as XP under XP SP3 mode.

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Windows 7 64 bit processor

by tuba2 In reply to Windows XP: 64 or 32 Bit? ...

As hard as it for me to believe, there are still applications that will not run or are not supported in the 64 bit form. Based on my experiences I have gone back to the 32 bit Windows 7. I miss not being able to use all the installed RAM but gained use of some programs.

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