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By dipper2 ·
My son bought a copy of Windows XP Professional at his university, and I upgraded his computer from 2000 to XP with no problems. Now his motherboard had to be replaced and the new ASUS PQ5L does not seem to recognize the XP CD as a bootable CD. The Bios on the motherboard is seeing the CD drive, but the system jumps over the CD as a boot device. When I force the system to look at the CD (by having the CD drive as the only boot device), I get a message that I need to insert a bootable disk. This version of Windows XP was billed as a full up version, the word "Upgrade" does not appear anywhere on the CD.

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CD location

by unhappyuser In reply to Windows XP

Is it a slave on the primary (IDE) or a master (or slave) on the secondary?

Do you have a spare CD drive to make sure it's not the drive itself? It's possible, but unlikely, that some static got to the drive while you were changing motherboards or got hit when the motherboard died. The drive could also be quite old and not compatible with the new motherboard.

Just a few thoughts. Good luck.


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too many combos to count

by dipper2 In reply to CD location

I've tried about 50 different combinations for the drives. The new motherboard has SATA capability so I've had my two primary CD/DVD burners hooked up as IDE drives, each being slave and master at different times. I moved one, then the other to a SATA position using a translator (jumper on master). I've had the old C: hardrive as IDE master and each of the cd's as slave, I even dug out an old ATAPI cd player and hooked it in, all with the same results.

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Tried just one CD & one HDD?

by seanferd In reply to too many combos to count

Disconnect others until installation is done?

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by StealthWiFi In reply to Windows XP

Booting from a bootable Ubuntu or Trinux cd see if it will boot from that. Might be a problum with the drive/mother board and not with the XP CD.


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Have you set the Boot Order in BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP

To boot from the optical Drive before the HDD?

Also have you looked at the Data Face of the XP CD and cleaned any muck off it?

If this is an IDE Drive it should be on the IDE Lead and not connected to a SATA Port through a Adapter these don't work all that well they should be plugged into the native port that is supported by the Optical Drive.

The only time I have had any problems like this was with a SATA Optical Drive and it didn't want to boot before the HDD. Though if the Optical Drive has developed a Fault that could also be the problem check with another Bootable Disc like a Live Linux or the Ultimate Boot CD to see if it's actually working. :)




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new mb

by beignets2003 In reply to Windows XP

i just did this for a friend of mine on a 2006 pc. changed mb w new/amd pcu. hd still had xp and cd drive would not appear. knew i would probably have to repair or re-install xp. pc would not boot to xp or recognize cd drive and as i was about to give up i decided to try safe mode (tricky getting to that)but it did boot into safe mode and once there i clicked computer-c-drive properties and tools and hit error checking -check now,exited and rebooted pc. it worked. changing mb ought to be less of a hassle.

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new mb

by beignets2003 In reply to new mb

that was....amd cpu...hehe.

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by seanferd In reply to new mb

you can just edit your posts, FFR.

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