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    windows xp


    by golfguy0226 ·

    I started installation and i want to cancel how do i do that?When i restart it just restarts window’s set up…….please i need help

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      by thechas ·

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      It depends on what you want to do now.

      Is this a new hard drive and you wish to start over from scratch?

      If so, boot from the hard drive manufactures disk and format the hard drive.

      Were you upgrading the system from an older version of Windows to XP?
      You either need to restore from your backup, or boot from a startup disk and “System” the drive.
      For Windows 98 or Me, boot from a startup floppy.
      At the DOS prompt, type in the command
      sys c:
      Hit enter

      Depending on how far you got in XP setup, you will now either boot properly, or need to re-install Windows.

      Was this a PC that had XP on it, and you started a second installation of XP?
      If so, you should choose the option to boot into the old XP, and then restore back to your last restore point.

      Still, in order to give you the best advice, we need to know specifically what you were trying to do when you started installing XP, and, what you want to get back to.

      If you were starting an XP upgrade, we need to know just how far you got, and what options you choose while installing XP.


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      by cornybaby ·

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      Just boot from cd and fdisk the system

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