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By rajan62 ·
While using my pc there was power failure for few seconds. Inspite of UPS the pc was restarted and there were no icons as well as start bar on my windows XP. Can anyone guide me how to overcome this problem?

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Shutdown your computer completely. After 15 seconds reboot it.

Hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by rajan62 In reply to Shutdown your computer co ...

I have tried it multiple times, but it is not working. Can it be because of some virus?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows XP

it from the UPS and plug it into another outlet. Try and logon with the normal user account. If you experience the same problem restart the PC and logon as the administrator. If the PC was powerd on and you were logged on at the time it is a possibility that your profile is corrupt.

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Sounds like a bit of a mix up with the XP code.. Try this..

Do a Windows repair install

If you have serious problems with XP performance, or you get errors, some system files can be damaged.

A repair installation re-writes all essential Windows XP system files and re-detects all hardware without affecting the registry, current desktop settings or user data stored on the hard drive. This is the only way short of a full installation that can recover from errors caused by installing a different motherboard in an XP system, for example.

To perform a repair installation:

Boot the system from your XP CD.

Choose the 'press enter to set up Windows XP now' option.

Press F8 to skip through the EULA (though if you haven't read it before, you should now. See our legal article for details as to why.

Now press R to begin a repair installation.

Your system will go through the entire XP install process, but will not attempt to replace any of your existing data. It will simply reinstall the vital system files, fixing any that are corrupted or missing.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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