Windows XP Activation Key

By duncanlarry ·
I had XP Pro installed on my computer, and recently it has not accepted updates and would not download certain applications. And when I tried to run updates it stated that the Product Key was blocked for some reason.

I used an XP key from another PC that I use and it activated it with no problem, my questions is will that cause a conflict with the computers, and if so what can I do to reverse this use of a Product Key on two computers.

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by shady108 In reply to Windows XP Activation Key

the product key is only valid for one installation of windows on one pc. To install on more than one pc you need to purchase an extra license. You could also contatc microsoft and they would probably activate it :)

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Help Please

by duncanlarry In reply to :)

It is already loaded on the other computer. How can I reverse this and will it cause conflict with the computers that are running the same product key.

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As stated -- contact MS support <NT>

by The Scummy One In reply to Help Please
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That's a NO NO

by jimmy-jam In reply to Windows XP Activation Key

You can't just take a product key from another computer and load it on another computer. You have to purchase a license for each PC you load Windows on unless it is a volume license.

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XP Activation Key

by duncanlarry In reply to That's a NO NO

I understand that now, but how can I reverse it, and will there be conflicts with the computers that are running it.

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Relax...Read This...

by mikeadams1137 In reply to XP Activation Key

First and foremost...let's get technical here...

You are allowed one copy of Windows OS, per Registration Key (Activation Key).

however; once you install it, that does NOT mean, you can never install it again. You just aren't allowed to have the same copy of Windows running on two PCs.

Microsoft will ask you when you call them, "Is the other PC still in use"...I recommend telling the truth here, however; if it is "not in use" you formatted the HD, and promise MS, that you are no longer using the PC, they will provide an activation for the new Windows XP.

Each piece of hardware in the PC, goes into the creation of the "registration number"...that is then "activated" by Windows. It does not recognize indivdual keys, it recognizes the key configurations...created based upon components of the PC.

Example: sometimes, when you change a major component, like video detects a change in the code, and can sometimes cause Windows to fail, and you may need another activation key.

That's about all I can say, however; no big problem. Read this article carefully, and with some common sense and rational thinking, you'll be fine. ^_^


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What the..?

by sugarfoot In reply to Relax...Read This...

I'd sure love to know where you went to school to learn that, Michael. That is possibly the worst bunch of hooey I ever heard! There is NO way M$ could create a gazillion activation numbers based on what kind of hardware each PC has!! I have switched out millions of pieces of hardware in probably thousands of machines over the years and NOT ONCE did it ever cause deactivation of the license numbers. I made a habit of doing all the windows updates before I returned the machine to its owner and the update process ALWAYS went off without a hitch. M$ is big, but try as they may, they'll never be THAT BIG, enough to put all those OS's out of commission because of a hardware change.

Personally - I recommend the newest version of UBUNTU (7.10) to everyone I meet now. I've been playing around with it on my old desktop pc for weeks and it is TRULY awesome! NO licenses needed, free to download or order an install cd, it's word, spreadsheet, presentation, database programs come free with the install of the OS. They open M$ docs like nobody's business and are equally as good, if not better. Any M$ machine can read a Linux doc, Any Linux machine can read/edit a M$ doc. How could you possibly go wrong..

Get onboard the Linux train, y'all. M$ just ain't worth the price you pay for all it's "stuff" anymore. Good Luck!

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Perhaps you're the one that is confused about XP activation

by ManiacMan In reply to What the..?

If you've been working with VLK versions, then yes, they never need reactivation, but the retail versions of XP will require reactivation if a major component is changed, such as Video, RAM, or motherboard. You can download all the latest patches you want, but it won't change the fact that XP retail and OEM will require reactivation.

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ditto :)

by shady108 In reply to Perhaps you're the one th ...

agreed :) if you swap a major part out such as a motherboard you need to reactivate windows :)

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Never happened..

by sugarfoot In reply to Perhaps you're the one th ...

That has NEVER (and I mean never) been my experience in almost 20 yrs of working with any M$ OS. I've mostly used/installed/repaired Retail and OEM versions. I'd certainly admit it, if it were true what you say! So I'm not sure why our experience is so different on this. And I'm wondering why that has never happened on any of my jobs! Interesting..

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