Windows XP activation on domain does not work

By a.hoffman ·

We have the following problem. Some IBM/Lenovo notebooks cannot be re?nstalled with our Corporate Windows XP pro version, so we are stuck with the oem installation. These need activation.

The activation of this XP pro does not work. It just can't find the internet connection. Strange, because the internet connection works with full access.
We have a MS ISA 2004 server, I also tried activating with the MS Firewall Client activated.

port 80 and 443 works also, so the activation process should work.
Maybe there is a patch needed wich I need to install before I can activate this XP pro SP2 oem windows version?

I hope someone knows the sollution because I am getting a little tired of doing the manual (phone) activation with Microsoft.
Microsoft doesn't know a solution, the just say to install the Volume License version (wich is not the sollution for this Lenovo notebook).

Long story, but I hope someone can help me.
Is there a solution for activating XP pro though the Corporate network?



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by 3xp3rt In reply to Windows XP activation on ...

I have the same configuration at my workplace (ISA server 2004 and MS Firewall Client installed on XP workstations), but I don?t meet your problem. The activation works fine. But I have a suggestion: on laptop?s Internet explorer?s properties restore the default settings in Advanced Tab. The other thing, try to download and install the Java virtual machine.

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by a.hoffman In reply to ?!

Hi, thanks for your reaction. Unfortunately it doesn't work. I have restored the default settings (wich still would be default because it's a clean IBM install), also I have installed the Java Virtual Machine.

I tried activating with and without the ISA Firewall Client, both did not work.

Also I tried to use the the Activation Software of my machine because the IBM / Lenovo R60e has some IBM features. This also did not help.

Unfortunately I can't install our VLK Version of XP on certain notebooks, because they have a SATA RAID controller witch does not work (the intel or lenovo drivers don't work correctly when pressing F6 during the installation of XP).

Therefor I want to fix this problem, so we can activate these problem systems.

I hope you have another idea.


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it's because MS has disabled online activation for certain OEMs

by harry.percival In reply to ?!
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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Windows XP activation on ...

Activate by phone?

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by a.hoffman In reply to telephone

Hi, I know there is an option to activate by phone, but it just costs more time. When we receive a couple of those notebooks I don't want to activate them all by hand.
Internet activation is a lot quicker than by phone.
Therefor I am trying to solve this problem.


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