Windows XP - All of a sudden password is required when switching users

By preskev ·
I have Windows XP Home Edition with SP2. In the last few days, when I try to switch user accounts, when I get back to the welcome screen to select the user, all the accounts prompt me for a password with no hints. Here is the strange thing. There are no passwords setup for any of the accounts. Another strange item...If I reboot the computer and the first time the Welcome Screen comes up with accounts, I can select any of them without being asked for a password. As soon as I open an account, go to log off - Switch Users - and back to the Welcome screen, it again requests a password. I enabled the password on my account for troubleshooting, and it did request and accepted the password only after a reboot. When I go into an account then switch users again, the password for my account does not work and there is no hint given. It is like the computer is seeing a completely different password request only after trying to switch users. The fast user switching is enabled and has been since I have had this computer.


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Try this!

Did you by any chance changed the secure login option ?

--> Control panel --> user accounts --> advanced --> secure logon

Try if this works , let's know if you still have issue!

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by preskev In reply to Try this!

I went into USER Accounts. I am not seeing an ADVANCED option. I do have admin rights.

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try adding one

by alphatech9 In reply to Tried

Try adding a password to the account with the issue. If it will let you switch with the new password, then just go in and remove it and set it to "not" password protected.

If that fails you can reset all the passwords from safe-mode. Not sure why its prompting on switch users

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Already Tried

by preskev In reply to try adding one

I already tried adding a password then deleting it. Again the password works when I login from a fresh boot. But as soon as I go into an account and try to switch, the system does not recognize my password. The password request comes up on all 3 accounts, and nothing works.

I will try safe mode.

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Problem is now occuring randomly

by preskev In reply to Already Tried

Well its been a week since this issue started. Now, the password request is coming up randomly. I have gone a few days without the password requests, then all of a sudden today it has asked for the pasword on all three accounts only while switching.

I have ran the symantic anti-virus a few times and ran adware and spybot. No changes. I am guessing there may be a problem with a specific program. Now the question is with what. I have not loaded anything new during this period.

I would rather not delete any of the accounts.

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Delete all accounts

by operator1 In reply to Windows XP - All of a sud ...

I dont know how important these accounts are to you but i would delete them all(first try to extract all the files you can from C:\Documents and Settings and try to make new accounts.
Try to disable fast user switching before that so you can maybe pinpoint the problem.maybe the service is fuxored.And yeah,he,he,check computer for viruses.
and other bad stuph.
One other thing,it may seem stupid but ...
try to pres ctrl+alt+del at welcome screen and see if you get another welcome prompt.
If this is the case you scan you system with

It cant do no harm anyway.

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by murugan2506 In reply to Windows XP - All of a sud ...

create new user: administrator power.
sdat tool unzip and safe mode running

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