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Windows XP and Duggee

By epepke ·
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A month ago, there was a furore over the Windows XP licensing plan. A member named Duggee made some specific predictions about what would happen by now. I said that I would post a message by this time and, although I am a couple of days late, I'm doing it now. See for the information.

Specifically, Duggee predicted that by three weeks ago, newspaper articles were to appear analyzing the situation, by one week ago, major news shows would analyze the cause and effects, and by now, Microsoft would have had to make a statement.

As far as I can tell, none of this has happened (if it has happened, I would like to hear about it). So far, what has not happened is consistent with my predictions, that while people may gripe and moan, nobody will ultimately do anything except bend over a lot.

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by admin In reply to Windows XP and Duggee

Are you starting a discussion with a carefully aimed flame? I haven't seen that one that I recall :)

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Not much of a flame

by epepke In reply to Interesting.....

I could do better than that if I were flaming. I don't have any animosity toward Duggee, but I would enjoy it if he were to notice the thread, which he might not do without his name on it.

Call it a possibly futile attempt to preserve species memory. I'm trying to find a way around the "free beer tomorrow" phenomenon. Besides, I come from a scientific background. We like it when our predictions are tested--it always gives more data.

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Free Beer Tomorrow?

by admin In reply to Not much of a flame


hehehe... (just kidding)


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