Windows XP and install conflicts with Netgear Wireless adapter WG311

By Nanatwo ·
I installed the driver software for the Netgear Wireless-G PCI Adapter WG311 per mfg. Instructions. After the software loaded I got a screen that said Windows XP doesn?t recognize the Wireless adapter. I hit enter the next screen said turn off the computer and install the card. I opened the HD and found no empty PCI slot so I removed the modem card, inserted the wireless PCI card, turned the computer back on. It beeped three times and then nothing. The hard drive has power but none of the plugins work, ie., monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I removed the Netgear PCI card and replaced the modem but it still beeps three time and nothing. Netgear says their hardware conflicted with my hardware but has offered no solution. The beep code is ?First 64 KB memory failure.? Since I didn?t touch the RAM memory I?m assuming the driver software is causing the conflict. My computer is a donated Gateway GT5026E with no known upgrades. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not entirely sure what you've done here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP and install co ...

When you opened up the tower case, had you disconnected the tower from the AC Mains power supply first? Preferably having discharged the motherboard before opening the case.

What exactly WERE the instructions for installing this PCI card?

If the system cannot POST, clearly something has seriously gone wrong. I'm just hoping you didn't zap the motherboard when you initially touched it.

What was occupying the other PCI slot?

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by Nanatwo In reply to Not entirely sure what yo ...

Thanks for your reply.
The tower was off and unpluged when I installed the wireless card.
The instructions are to install the driver software turn off and unplug the computer and install the wireless card in an available PCI slot.
The PCI slot was occupied by the modem card.
When the computer is turned on the motherboard light is working, the DVD/RW opens and spins, the fans are working. Thinking about it now the keyboard and mouse may be working I just can't tell because the monitor isn't getting a signal.
On additional note the Netgear website lists known install conflicts with Windows XP but to date has no resolution to the problem(s).

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I thought your motherboard had 2 PCI slots ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Reply....

According to the Gateway illustration I pulled, there are two slots for PCI.


If you removed the modem card WITHOUT removing the 'PCI Modem Card' from Device Manager first, when you next powered-up the PC it would have been expecting to find the modem in that slot.

I'm curious as to how many PCI entries you had in Device Manager?

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It looks like my motherboard....

by Nanatwo In reply to I thought your motherboar ...

There are 2 PCI slots. Like an idiot I didn't look in the Device Manager and I did remove the modem card without without removing it from the Device Manager first. To make it worse I know better. The second PCI slot is occupied by a video card that the monitor plugs into.
If I have 3 PCI entries in the Device Manager could that be causing the problem? Is it fixable? I don't have a boot disk. XP was preinstalled.

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Also check and

by IC-IT In reply to It looks like my motherbo ...

reseat the Video card, check the cable attachments too.

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No Joy

by Nanatwo In reply to Also check and

Reseated and cables checked. Still get 3 beeps and no monitor signal.

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by Nanatwo In reply to No Joy

After doing some research on the problem, I pulled the battery, lets it set for a few hours, put the battery back in (resetting the BIOS) and it started right up. Thanks for all your help.

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