windows xp and itunes

By terence o'neil ·
hi; in an effort to 'clean up' my computer, i deleted and started new 'multiple users'; i didnt realize that itunes was part of the 'settings' i would lose; i assumed itunes was a separate function; can i retrieve my lost itunes music, by performing a 'system restore' ?....please help, my son is going to be so pissed at me

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what exactly do you mean by

by PurpleSkys In reply to windows xp and itunes

"i deleted and started new 'multiple users'"?

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i am assuming a few things here

by Snuffy09 In reply to what exactly do you mean ...

1st that you deleted user profiles
2nd you deleted the itunes music folders that were subfolders of each users profiles.
3rd you want to restore the music/mp3 files.
4th that you DO NOT want to restore the whole user profile(s)

you could try recuva to restore deleted files

deppending on how long it has been since you deleted the music files you may be able to restore them. Obviously, when you run recuva for the first time tell it that you are only interested in looking for deleted music files (so you dont spend all day waiting on results)

Good luck, Post back

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multiple users

by terence o'neil In reply to what exactly do you mean ...

hi; thanks for replying; bad use of terminolgy, sorry; what i meant was, i had two user accounts on XP; one called HP-owner, the other, Music- recording; i deleted the second one, and am not concerned as i didnt use itunes there; i added a new one to replace that; then i deleted the first one, which did use itunes; i replaced that with a new user as well, not realizing that i would lose the itunes settings; i thought itunes was 'separate', and would have saved all the settings; i opened up itunes in both new users, and to my shock, saw no files;

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itunes and xp

by terence o'neil In reply to multiple users

hi; thanks for replying; yes i had two user accounts, hp owner, and music recording; i deleted both, and opened two new ones, not realizing itunes would get washed down the drain; i ignorantly thought it could be opened separately, with all the files/folders intact; my son downloaded tons of instrumentals, and had all his folders organized, and i just lost them; all i care about is getting his music back, even if he has to reorganize his folders....thanks

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if you do get your music back remember...

by Snuffy09 In reply to multiple users

iTunes is weird it will not aunto sync (not for me anyways) you have to click file>add folder to library to import new music to itunes.

If there is an easier way please let me know

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hm.... a thought

by ---TK--- In reply to if you do get your music ...

I am making the assumption that he has an Ipod or Iphone... either way shouldn't all his music be still on the mp3 player? So, as long as his device was fully updated then really he didn't lose all his music... If all his music is still on it, from what I remember he can resync it, and Itunes should pull all the mp3's off the device and onto the pc.... but I could be wrong...

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itunes and xp

by terence o'neil In reply to hm.... a thought

thanks tk; just to let you know, my son uses itunes and had downloaded tons of instrumentals....he had it all organiz, etc on the computer; periodically he will download songs on to his ipod when he goes out, but he never downloaded all his songs from the computer to the ipod...when i deleted the user that had the itunes,i lost his music, and am trying to recover them, but dont know how if it is possible

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by ---TK--- In reply to itunes and xp

yeah, im not going to lie... That stinks, to put it nicely. I would think, since this was a recent event, you should be able to recover the deleted files...

When you delete a file, its not exactly deleted. The file is just flagged as "free" space, its not truly gone till the space has been written over.

I have used this software before, it worked for me, but its not the easyest thing to use... but something to think about
also you can google undelete and there should be a decent amount of options... Best of luck...

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six posts later!!!

by Snuffy09 In reply to ok.....

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