Windows XP and Networking

By Shaun.G ·
The problem:

I run a small network comprising of 3 pcs and a server. I use btbroadband single, business edition. I have a BT hub, and all pcs are wired. However, one win xp home has two connections... a wired one and a wireless one, and both are connected (I do not know if this is good or bad, but any advice will be appreciated).

The server:
It is a win 2k server (not promoted to primary domain controller).
It runs mainly as a web server and a place to where I back data to from the network.
It is a fairly old pc, a p3 - 350 with abt 85 mb of ram.
It just stands there really. The web server is for my own has a web address attached to it but its not known.

Two pcs:
The are running xp home.
The backup scripts are using robocopy.

The last pc is a win 95 pc - and this is for someone just learning about pcs and though part of network its seldom on.

The problem:
The bt router keeps telling me I have a "blaster" type virus and it knocks out my inet connection for all pcs, saying there are too many internet sessions, I have since disabled this on the bt router.

Also, what happens I loose connection to the server and have to reboot the server to regain connections. It gives the error that I need to contact the system administrator because of some permissions issues. Not enough. However, the xp pc was talking fine and now its talking fine again.

Netbios over tcp/ip is enabled...its by default.

I have run several scans using Computer Associates etrust anti-virus. I have to be a little careful as my pc is still under warranty and guarantee so I have to be careful what I do or dont do.

I have the availability of using phoenix firstware to restore the pc to factory settings (but find that this is not always successful and that I need to do it about 4 times before its right).

I am getting a little fed up with all this lot and I do not know what to do. I dont have the time to be messing about with pc's and networks.

Please any advice, any questions, I shall do my best to answer.

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More info please...

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Windows XP and Networking

Is this a home network or are you supporting a small business here?

Is your Windows 2000 based web server accessible from the internet? Do you run anti virus software on it? How about a regular spyware scan? Have you applied the Windows service packs and security updates? If not, I bet someone 'owns' it and uses it for his/her own purposes.

Web servers, accessible to every man and his dog in the internet, should be tucked away in the DMZ. That way, if your server gets compromised by an intruder from outside, they and their warez would not have access to the rest of your LAN.

I do not know what facilities your BT equipment provides, but you should have firewall router which is capable of stateful packet inspection, NAT and port forwarding, perhaps also intrusion detection of some kind.

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More Info...

by Shaun.G In reply to More info please...

Its a home network. I am a student albeit I have done other things.

Yes it is accessible from the outside world however...

It has BlackIce Defender, Anti-virus, its firewalled and no, I have no anti-spyware on it.

DMZ does not mean anything to me.

And the answer to BT equipment - it does have it and its been set up and configured.

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