Windows XP Application Problems

By rsumali ·
Bottom part of some application are missing. Example: When I run Iobit Advanced WindowsCare2. lower portion which contains the bottons; Status, Scan & Close are not visible. Can somebody tell what is the problem. Thanks.

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Your active window could be sized incorrectly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Application Pr ...

Or you may have somehow disabled the Status Bar on these programs they are the most likely things particularly if this is something new on a previously working system or you have just installed new software.

The first thing is to check the size of the screen so you can be sure that it hasn't been made too big to display the entire screen on your monitor without some of it disappearing off the bottom or be hidden by the start bar if it's on the bottom of the screen and set to always be on Top.

If the Bottom Bars are not actually there you'll need to log in with Admin Rights and open the affected applications then reset the displayed status bars and other items that you want displayed. For the different programs the Help Function should have the way to bring up or remove these items.


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