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Windows Xp asking for system disk

By dutt03 ·
I was running Windows XP Pro on a Western Digital ATA 133 hard drive with 250 GB space. The drive is less than a year old was running fine until about a month ago. Tried to repair several different times but no luck. I treid to access information by having another XP system running and slaving the problem drive but is says that it is not accessable. Console management does not even see it as being formated as NTFS that it was. I need the information that is in the MyDocuments folder off the drive the rest I could live without. I thank you all in advance for any advise you can give Tom.

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by zlitocook In reply to Windows Xp asking for sys ...

It sounds like the drive is gone but did you try booting to a live CD like UBCD or one of the linux distros? They can get into things that you can not any other way.

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by jcbel In reply to Windows Xp asking for sys ...

Can you the drive in BIOS? What is reporting the drive is not accessible?

It's a bit hard to determine from your post whether it is a hardware problem or whether there is data corruption on the drive.

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by Chris Homer In reply to Windows Xp asking for sys ...

Hopefully the drive hasnt stopped spinning or anything like that, when you plug it in on its own does it make any noises, any powering up or clicking?

Off a win98 startup disk, Do any fixed disks show up at all in Fdisk?

There are some good free programs (on trial) which will scan really corrupted hard-drives, you normally have to pay if you want to recover something but it does let you know which files are recoverable before you have to pay for anything. I think "r-studio" was the one i used but it was ages ago so apologies in advance if thats wrong.

Hope this helps,


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows Xp asking for sys ...

If the drive is still running you can use one of these programs to get the data back though to be fair some are expensive and generally speaking the more expensive that they are the better the job that they do which means a faster recovery not necessarily more data recovered but just faster.

The first thing that you have to remember is that whenever you attempt to recover data you Never Write to the Affected Drive EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! As you will only over write data which is them expensive to replace so you'll need a drive at least 50% bigger than the non working one and load an OS onto that and then recover the data to a Special Folder on that drive.

You can try any of these programs

only consider this one if you know HEX inside out or you'll do far more damage that you can ever recover

This one is the best available but it's not cheap

I haven't used all of the above and can not guarantee that they will have the desired effect. Also you can take the drive to a Data Recovery House if the Data is Really Important and that should start around the 1K mark and work up from there id the drive is still running.

If the HDD is no longer running your only option is a Data Recovery House and in a case like that you would be looking at an absolute Minimum of somewhere around the 5K or more mark to recover the data. The last dead drive that I had to have the data recovered off cost 9K to perform if that's any help.


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