windows xp automatic log off virus?

By bnichols04 ·
I am having serious problems with my machine. i recently did a virus scan and after the reboot i was stuck in the automatic log off loop. i think that my anti virus moved my registries and now i can't even get on in safe mode as the administrator. I have tried to boot off of my xp cd but i just get a blank screen with the small line at the top. I have tried to get a floppy boot but i don't know the command prompts after i get to the black screen with the A showing. I would like to save the stuff i have on the machine now but it is not that important. the only other in the house is a mac so i am limited. any help would be appreciated!

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by santeewelding In reply to windows xp automatic log ...

And, don't ever trust to another anything ever again.

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Well if you need the data off the drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to windows xp automatic log ...

You can pull it out of the computer fit it to a USB Adapter lead like this one

And connect it to the MAC and copy your data off the HDD to something. Or you can use a Live Linux Disc to boot off the Optical Drive and copy the data to whatever you have

As for getting XP working again you can either try a In Place Install by following the directions here if you have a M$ Branded OEM Install Disc

Or you can use a Wiping Utility like either Boot & Nuke

or Kill Disc

To wipe your existing HDD and then use your Windows Install Disc to install XP again.


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drive removal

by bnichols04 In reply to Well if you need the data ...

the only problem with that is that it is a laptop so i don't think that i could install the HDD into my mac?

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Then try a Linux live CD

by Slayer_ In reply to drive removal

I personally recommend Knoppix, they have a good live CD. But really any will do (My old Knoppix could burn CD's, even though it ran from a live CD, I would hope that that functionality still exists in newer versions).

Once you have any Linux OS running, you should have access to your windows hard drive and all its data.

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downloading from a mac

by bnichols04 In reply to Then try a Linux live CD

how would i download Knoppix from my mac?

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You go to this site

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to downloading from a mac

Pick the Distro that you want to use and download the ISO file to your MAC.

Then using whatever you have as a CD Burning Suite on the MAC burn the ISO File to a CD. However tell the Burning Suite that it is a ISO and you want a Bootable Disc not the ISO copied to the Disc.

As fro removing the HDD from a NB all that is generally required is to turn the NB over and unscrew 4 screws pull a cover off the Bottom of the NB and then lift out the HDD in it's carrier. You then plug this HDD into the USB Adapter that I suggested because I don't know which type of HDD you have and connect it to the MAC with a USB Lead.

This of course fails if you have a Sony Vaio which requires you to pull half the system to bits to get to the HDD but that is all that is required with most of the others. Oh and you need a Number 1 Phillips Screwdriver.


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create bootable floppy on mac??

by bnichols04 In reply to Well if you need the data ...

ok i used kill disk now there is no operating system on my computer. i need to make a bootable floppy disk now but how would i do that from my mac??

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Why the floppy?

by santeewelding In reply to create bootable floppy on ...

If your HD is indeed, wiped -- end to end -- your XP disk (full install?) should boot and go.

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Well I suppose that you could

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to create bootable floppy on ...

Download a Boot Disc from the Net

But that would require the MAC to have a Floppy.

If you have used Kill Disc all that is necessary is to slip the Install Disc into the Optical Drive and then set the BIOS to Boot from the Optical Drive before the HDD, save the changes as you exit the BIOS and then when prompted Press Any Key to boot off the Windows Install Disc. When the system reboots do not press any key when prompted as that will take you back tot he start of installing Windows.

The only thing you may require is a Floppy with your Windows Computers SATA Driver copied to it's Root if you are using a SATA Drive in that computer or if the M'Board requires SATA Drivers. These days it's not common.


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cd drive possibily not working?

by bnichols04 In reply to Well I suppose that you c ...

i have a usb floppy that i can switch between computers. i have tired the xp cd after i ran the kill disk but it spins up for a couple seconds then gives up and noting happens.

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