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Windows XP Backup

By cunningham_colleen ·
I would like to do a backup(The entire drive, if possible) to a CD-RW, how would I be able to do this using Windows XP Backup?

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Click on the Windows backup icon and follow the instructions.

When you do a first backup you will have to show where you want the backup to be held, it will say "where do you want the backup", and you scroll to say your Cd/DVD drive (which we say is marked "d"), you click on the "d" drive to show that you want the backup to go there.
Do a few runs to see how it goes you can stop it before it does a burn or if you are doing a copy to another drive you can cancel any time.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Cannot Backup Straight to CD

by tom In reply to Click on the Windows back ...

I believe if I am not mistaken that Windows Backup is incapable of creating a backup that is then burned to a CD or DVD. I am pretty sure that it is necessary to create the backup ".bkf" file on the disk and then burn it to optical as a separate operation. There are other third party packages that can actually do this but not Windows XP Backup.

If I am wrong about this, somebody set me straight.


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Your right

by kewlharsh In reply to Cannot Backup Straight to ...

Windows creates a .bkf file and can only back it up on the hard drive or Floppy drive(useless!!). So, one would definitely need a third party software to burn the bkf file to disc.
Some of the cd/dvd burning applications are Nero, Alcohol 120, etc.

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Reponse To Answer

by too old In reply to Click on the Windows back ...

I have 2 systems still running Windows XP and I performed periodic backups to USB hard drives. When my laptop got plagued with a virus I thought "No Problem, I have backups". I formatted my hard drive, and installed XP from the distribution CD and found that XP gave me no method to recover my data from the USB drive, or any other location for that matter. Apparently Microsoft didn't think I would ever need this option. Bad time to find out. It took many hours to retrieve most of my software and data.

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