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Any help i would be grateful for fomatted my Brother in laws computer he was having major problems. did not realise he had not got his XP disc so put one on he had been given this is when the problems started microsft would not let us download updates understand that, now on the side of his PC he as the xp oem number registered to the system only problem is the shop he purchased from no longer in business any help i would be most grateful

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by Jarrett_Faulk In reply to WINDOWS XP BOGUS COPY
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If the OEM license is valid,

by seanferd In reply to WINDOWS XP BOGUS COPY

you need to change the license key on the computer to match the one listed on the side. Or, give him your retail copy and uninstall it from your machine.

If you used one OEM copy on a different OEM machine, you may not be able to get it validated at all.

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If you can find

by mamies In reply to WINDOWS XP BOGUS COPY

An OEM Windows XP Install Disk you may be lucky enough that the product key on the side of the computer will work. Good Luck with finding one as i have had alot of troubles getting it.

I only recommend you do this if your Licence on the side of the PC is Valid.


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The install took the COA key...

by Who Am I Really In reply to If you can find

if the key wasn't going to work with the XP-CD used then it would have failed at the enter the COA dialog;

since the key was accepted the CD works with the COA Key on the side the next step is to update the update agent and windows installer;

MS changed the update agent and the newer windows installer is required in order for updates to work;

goto the MS download site and get the updated windows installer v. 3.1x
then goto and get the updated windows update agent

then set automatic updates to the third option:
notify but don't download or install

wait for the updates notification balloon the first batch of updates might contain wga and if does and wga passes then you have a valid install and the rest of the updates should follow

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