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Windows XP Clean install

By dusty_lyon ·
Heres my question, A few months ago i bought windows XP and upgrade my system from windows 98. Now i seem to be stuck with that old installation on my hard drive ( 18 gigs worth). I figured i messed up first installation with XP and it just did the upgrade instead of putting a clean installation of XP on my HD. I would like to know how to get rid of that 18 gigs just being wasted on HD.

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by dmiles In reply to Windows XP Clean install

Does the 18G space consist of files or folders that you need?

Consider wiping the hard dirve clean and starting over with a clean install,you could check the Add/Remove Progams to see if the Uninstall of 98 is there,and choose to remove.

Backup all useful data and do a clean install by using FDISK with a Windows 98 startup disk,you should be okay with out having to reactivate the software.

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by LMon In reply to Windows XP Clean install


Insert your 98 cd. Then boot from disk without cd rom support. at the prompt type fdisk then follow the steps. what you wanna do is delete the existing c partition and recreate it. This will wipe everything then you insert the WIN xp cd and it will do a clean install.

Or you can boot of the windows xp install. let ig go through the steps until it asks you where do you want to install win xp. What you need to do there is delete the existing partition and then create the new one. You can also split that one drive in half and get two drives. Once that is done let the wizard complete the setup just pick the new partition and you should have a clean install.

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by CG IT In reply to Windows XP Clean install

humm the first 2 answers seem to assume that your going to wipe everything off the computer and start over [except #1 which asks which folders do you need]. That's one way of getting back your 18Gigs.

BUT! if you "upgraded" key word here is "upgraded" your Windows 98 to Windows XP then nope you can't get rid of it. If you did an Install of Windows XP into a different partition than W9X and you dual boot [or can dual boot], then you can dump Windows 9X by deleting the partition it resides in [and recover the space as unallocated via the computer management console in administrative tools]. if you have files and folders in the partition W9X resides in and want to save em, move em over to a folder you create in the WXP partition.

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by CG IT In reply to

So which did you do, "upgrade" or install XP into a different partition than W9X?

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by dusty_lyon In reply to Windows XP Clean install

i did a clean install, but heres what i did instead. This was a fairly new HD that i installed. So i just popped in the HD cd that came with it, and Zero worte the HD. Then i used my XP boot disc and clean installed and formatted. Thx for the answers. I guess i kinda did hard way but its a way. Only ptrob i ran into was that LSA shell error, but its taken care of. Just rearranged the registry a little bit.

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