Windows XP Computer keeps dropping modem/internet connection

By bootmagna ·
I recently switched to time warner cable from sbcglobal. They gave me a new Arris modem/router. There is a Smart TV, my Windows XP computer and a Windows Vista computer hardwired plus a couple of Vista laptops that connect by wireless. Every device is fine except mine. The connection to my machine goes down and the only thing that works is to reboot my machine.

For a while, the problem seemed to be solved when I increased the setting on the modem for renewing leases from one hour to 14 hours. But in the past day it's gone back to dropping maybe once every one or two hours.

The IP is DHCP-assigned (i.e. dynamic)

According to Control Panel - Network Connections, everything is fine (even when my connection is down), it says my controller is connected. But when I click Repair, it hangs for a while and then tells me it can't repair because it timed out.

One weird thing: on Network Connections - Status, when the connection is down there is a huge volume of Sent packets, like millions -- and it just keeps ticking up.

When I ping the modem/router, it times out four times and quits.
If I ipconfig /release, it hangs forever.
ipconfig /renew, I get: Unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out

I've looked on a bunch of forums and found no answer. Anyone got any ideas? Help much appreciated.

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Sounds like the router is limiting the number of Concurrent Connections

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Computer keeps ...

It allows at any one time. This is generally a Security Feature so you may need to enter the Routers Setup and increase the number of Concurrent Connections if this is possible in that particular device.

As to how to achieve this I'm not sure as I don't know what OS the router uses or how to get into it's workings. If there is no way shown in whatever came with the device the supplier may be able to provide help.


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