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windows XP continous reboots

By kbcopela ·
Gang, Have a XP pro box that is locked into continous reboot sycle that will not even allow safe mode booting. System had been running current virus scanner from Norton so would think it would not be virus related but may actually be. May pull hard drive and install into other system to scan drives. just looking for starting points. Many thanks

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Run a full scandisk

by eteller In reply to windows XP continous rebo ...

sounds like the boot files are corrupt. That may or may not fix it though. I seriously doubt any virus.

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Activation...Maybe virus...???

by cicle_98 In reply to Run a full scandisk

It is without a doubt a boot level problem.
I had a fellow come to me with a very similar;(being like something but not exactly the same)
problem. I asked him to tell me what is it that might had cuased this and here was his response
"I used a program that was suppose too kill the
actiavtion". Now my thought was, why would you do that...humm...Now I'm not saying that this is the
same situation as yours, but in my final conclusion I told the guy that what we need to do
is format the harddrive. Well he didn't have the original XP insatll disk,...humm... but did bring me that Win98 disk to install. For myself, I have never seen this incident other than your problem and the one I encountered. Your situation may very well be different. You could run your antivirus software, but I have a feeling that you'll find in the end of your efferts you will reformat the drive...Good luck

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try restore of install cd.

by partyexpress In reply to Activation...Maybe virus. ...

try the restore feature off the winxp will fix the boot files.

steve c.

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did that fix it????

by partyexpress In reply to try restore of install cd ...

did the restore feature off the winxp cd fix the problem????

steve c.

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