Windows XP continually freezes on install

By gaz1964 ·
I have recently rebuilt a friends pc with a new m/board asrock k7s41gx + seagate 7200 hdrive + 430 power supply, + 512ram but kept existing amd anthlon 2000+xp cpu. Problem is I am unable to install xp onto the harddrive as it keeps hanging when copying files. (different files each time I retry).
I have tried different memory from working pc another harddrive etc but still same issue. Any ideas?

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Sounds as if the CPU is failing under load to me

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP continually fr ...

Get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and run a CPU test on this unit and see what if any errors arise.

You can download or buy from here


or if you want the home page to download directly from it's here


When you have this copied to a CD Boot from the CD and then you can run whatever test that you feel like ranging from CPU & Memory tests to a Full M'Board test and much more.


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CD !

by julian.bennett In reply to Sounds as if the CPU is f ...

I've come across this issue when the installation cd that i was using was basically knackered!! Have you tried using a different XP installation disk? Have you tried cleaning the CD?

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by gaz1964 In reply to CD !

I don't think it is the cd I've already tried installing xp on another harddrive with same disk and no problem.

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by toughguy000 In reply to cd!

Run diagnostic software. These are the best for determining if it is your cd drive, CPU or RAM.

Ultimate boot CD is one you should always have on hand, if not throw memtest on a floppy/flash drive

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by gaz1964 In reply to Memtest

done this and no errors from tests completed, any help would be appreciated.

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re: CPU failing under load

by gaz1964 In reply to Sounds as if the CPU is f ...

I have run cpu/memory/harddrive tests from the ultimate boot cd with no errors. I'm really at a loss!!!

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Well I suppose that only leaves the M'Board

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to re: CPU failing under loa ...

Or Data Cable between the Optical Drive and the M'Board as possible problem areas doesn't it?

If the HDD and Optical drives are both IDE there could be an issue with having them both on the same channel or it may even be the Jumper Settings as with some new HDD & M'Boards the IDE Drives don't work properly unless everything is set to master so that might be worth a try to see what comes up when you try to boot.


Incidentally as I'm in Brisbane if you have any problems drop me a PM and I'll get back to you in Rel time.

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