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Windows XP Corrupted User Profile

By dyett ·
While running a virus scan, my XP machine suddenly rebooted, then I got the corrupt user profile message. But instead of logging me on to a new account, as the prompt indicated, the logon screen with only my damaged profile came up. Clicking on the damaged log name starts a logon process, which almost immediately aborts, and logs off again (i.e., back to the logon screen). Is there any way to get out of this loop so I can log on and fix the corrupted profile?


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by dustyD In reply to Windows XP Corrupted User ...

You cannot log on as Admin using the Welcome Screen.

Boot into Safe Mode, F8 at startup. Login as administrator. Create a new user with the appropriate user type. Log off. Logon normally as the new user. Go to your old user folder, C:\Documents and Settings\username. Copy contents with the exception of ntuser.dat and ntuser.ini to your new username folder. Overwrite the newly created defaults.

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by dustyD In reply to

Also, you need to enable viewing hidden files and folders in order to copy all. (Tools, Folder options in Explorer.)

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by KahlesIT In reply to Windows XP Corrupted User ...

It is possible to log on as administrator via the welcome screen. When you get to the welcome screen, press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice and it should bring up a traditional username/password login prompt. I have used this on a number of XP machines and it has worked every time.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Windows XP Corrupted User ...


Also, while logged in as Administrator make sure the new user you create has full access to the corrupt profile, including the hidden folders.

Good luck

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by richard.t.stevens In reply to Windows XP Corrupted User ...

From another PC, map a drive to the machine's C$ drive.
Go to Documents and Settings and rename or delete the affected profile. If it says its in use then reboot the machine and try it again.

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Windows XP Corrupted User Profile_bln

by Billy Newsome In reply to Windows XP Corrupted User ...

I recently had the very same problem; which was, I had too many logon's for this feature to just recognized me as the administrator. I discovered that if there is more than two logons' the one for administrator will not appear unless you bootup in safe mode, which may not allow you to do much of anything else.
What I needed to do was establish a new administrator account, which allowed me to delete all of the other unneccessary ones. This allowed me to have just two ways to login to my computer; Administrator(owner) and Guest, which gave me access to everything I needed to get to, without problems of limitation.

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A new and different problem, now.

by Billy Newsome In reply to Windows XP Corrupted User ...

Since I deal with this last posting, I have now developed a new problem thats tearing my hair out.
I now have not devices in my device manager. There is no speakers, ports, printer, CD burner, external storage device; nothing. I'm not certain how this happened, but if there is anyone that is familiar with such a problem, I'd be appreciative of any help here. I've tried everything I know how to do and tried to find the answer to this situation on other tech sites. Still no luck. I'm thinkig that the only thing to do at this point,is to reinstall Windows XP and Pro. which is what I originally began with.

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