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Windows XP Data Recovery !

By Kevinsanghvi ·
Dear All,

I recently formatted my windows 7 laptop due to compatibility issues and converted into windows xp, i have data in all drives (C,D and E encrypted with bitlocker) but at the time of formatting i cleared C only.

Now, when i access D and E drive in windows xp it says " The Drive is not formatted, do you want format it now " , there is lot of important that i cannot delete.

Any workarounds for the same ? or do i need to again revert to windows 7 to get all the data.

Thanks in Advance.


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by cmiller5400 In reply to Windows XP Data Recovery ...

This should really be posted as a question and not a discussion. Does your computer have a TPM? Or did BitLocker use a USB key for it's encryption keys?

Never used BitLocker before, so my knowledge is limited on this subject. Have you tried BitLocker To Go yet?

If this were Windows XP using EFS, you would be screwed as the keys are stored in the user account and that would have been smoked when you reinstalled Windows (unless you made a backup of the keys prior to reinstalling). If the data's important, always have backups.

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Beat me to it by just a few minutes.

by magic8ball In reply to Depends...
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Bitlocker To Go

by magic8ball In reply to Windows XP Data Recovery ...

Microsoft has a utility called Bitlocker to Go. This allows access to bitlocker encrypted drives after you provide the proper credentials. Please don't ask anyone here to help bypass security measures. Techrepublic members will not assist in any of that. Bitlocker to go provides read only access though so you will need to copy what data you have off of there, and then reformat the drives. Let this be a lesson learned in keeping backups of any data you hold dear. Additionally you will get more replies to this if it was posted in the questions forum as there are members there that seek out questions in need of an answer and typically do not read the discussion forums.

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