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Windows XP DHCP Clients Missing Default Gateway

By mike_albelo ·
we recently installed new Windows 2003 Servers and configured DHCP for the first time on the network. Using the DHCP Server that comes with 2003, we have configured the Scope to supply DNS and Default Gateway. 10 out of about 60 clients do not get the default gateway the first time they boot their PC. They are getting valid ip and dns settings, just not the Default Gateway. IF they run ipconfig /renew, it will finally get the gateway information.

This is so strange because I have never had this problem with Windows DHCP Servers before.

It's not random, it is a select few of systems that this occurs on. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Same problem here

by admonsis In reply to Windows XP DHCP Clients M ...

The problem started friday Nov 17 2006 at 7 am (GMT-5). Randomly computers from a public segment started to loose their gateways, we have no clue, the machines are fully patched, all of them have anti-virus. Windows XP SP2.
Some of them after doing ipconfig /renew start working again, some does not.

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Windows XP DHCP Clients Missing Default Gateway

by kollybally In reply to Windows XP DHCP Clients M ...

I have thesame problem with a client this week. The newly HP server installed by the client does the Dhcp and is suppose to announce the internet gateway specified on it.

About four systems all running Win XP SP2 pull Ip address and the subnet mask but had missing gateway. The link speed of the NIC card was change from Auto negotiation to 100mbps Full duplex and one had the default gateway automatically and could browse. The rest three systems could not pull the gateway automatically.

The rest thre systems had IP address assigned to them dynamically specified on the statically and subnet and default gateway were added afterwhich they could browse.

This is what I did to resolve my problem.

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No Gateway

by stubbsd In reply to Windows XP DHCP Clients M ...

We are seeing the same issue. We are a Dell shop and have narrowed it down to a specific model Dell GX270 with the Intel Pro/1000 MT NIC. The machine gets a valid IP address but no Default Gateway.

Occasionally if we do a "repair" on the NIC we get it back but if we shutdown completely then restart it loses the gateway address.

If we come up with something else I will post again.


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by alhutch1 In reply to No Gateway

To resolve this enable port fast on the port the computer is plugged into on the switch.

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Windows XP DHCP Clients Missing Default Gateway

by steve.martin In reply to Windows XP DHCP Clients M ...

We have the same as well, Dell GX270 pc's that don't get a default gateway unless you release and renew. On bootup, no default gateway if getting DHCP across the WAN. If DHCP server is local, seems to be ok. Anyone have any updates or fixes, please forward. Thanks.

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Default Gateway With DHCP & Windows Server 2003

by Rasaf In reply to Windows XP DHCP Clients M ...

What you need to do is add router with your Gateway address in your scope options in the DHCP Server Setup

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Dell GX270 pcs lose default gateway

by ljettinger In reply to Default Gateway With DHCP ...

I too have a client that has GX270 computers that lose the default gateway... ipconfig /release /renew will fix it, but after some time they will lose it again or after a reboot, not get the gateway from the DHCP server, yet they will get and retain ip addresses, DNS servers and subnets... There are approx. 200 other computers on the network that have no issues at all, including some other GX270s, but the issue is only found on the GX270s...
Does anyone have a fix for this??

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by alhutch1 In reply to Dell GX270 pcs lose defau ...

Enable port fast on the port the PC is plugged into on the switch

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