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    Windows XP does not load on Acer Aspire 3000


    by juan_mm2 ·

    yesterdya my laptop worked fine. Today I turned it on and the I got the message of pressing F2 to change bios settings and after that everything sounds normally but nothing on the display. It is like dead. I know I could use the recovery disk but it will erase my information from drive C. Is there anyway to solve this without formatting? Thanks a lot

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      by juan_mm2 ·

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      Acer laptops have a Recovery Partition also …

      by older mycroft ·

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      Your hard drive should be split into 2 partitions C:\SYSTEM & D:\DATA. You access the Recovery Partition by pressing ALT+F10 immediately after powering up. This will restore the C:\ partition to factory default BUT leave the D:\ partition unaltered.

      In order to make best use of the Recovery Partition, the user should move essential files from C:\ to D:\ prior to invoking the recovery. So – how to do that in your case…

      You could download and burn to CD an image of the UBCD – the Ultimate Boot CD. You BOOT from this disk and it runs inside its own operating system, leaving your laptop hard drive ‘out of the loop’, so you could then transfer important data files to the D:\ partition in preparation for the recovery.

      However, UBCD also contains a suite of diagnostic tools and there is every chance you could restore your system ‘as is’ without invoking any recovery to factory default.

      I suggest you try examining your drive with the HDD tools on the UBCD first.

      You can also use it to run antivirus scans from, when a hard drive won’t boot on its own.

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      Try running with an external monitor …

      by old mycroft’s younger brother ·

      In reply to Windows XP does not load on Acer Aspire 3000

      Since you think the system is booting normally, but you cannot see the screen, try plugging an external monitor in and running with that.

      The problem may lie with your laptop monitor, so if this works you at least know tha laptop graphics capability is intact. However, if it is not, then you have a problem with the laptop graphics function.

      It is logical.

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