Windows XP does not recognize CD or DVD drives. Please help!!

By lmero ·
Somehow I lost my CD and DVD drives, How can I get them to work again. I tried uninstalling them and then have Windows find them as new hardware, but to no avail. The BIOS shows them as enabled drives, but Windows does not recognize them.

Your help will greatly be appreciated.

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they might still be there

by w2ktechman In reply to Windows XP does not recog ...

but hidden.
try this, go into disk management (control panel, administrator tools, computer management).
Are they listed here? If so, you may need to reassign a drive letter to them.

If not, look in device manager, are they showing up as red/yellow or are there any 'unknown devices'?

Windows may not have the drivers either, so you may want to download the drivers from the manufacturers website.

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Mine are, but not recognized

by luin_skie In reply to they might still be there

I have a Sony Dru510A Internal DVD-RW, and today it started acting like the poster's. It does not show up in My Computer, and it does not autorun.

There are no drivers listed on the manufacturer's website. There's only a Firmware Update, which is what resulted in the DVD-RW disappearing in the first place.

The only disk I've found that came with it is a "Sony Software Disc" that requires a DVD-rom to play.

After my computer restarted from the firmware update, the new hardware wizard popped up for the drive, but was unable to find the drivers or do anything about it.

I have tried using System Restore but it has had trouble working for a while. I almost always get the "Sorry can't do that, nothing changed" error message.

In Device Manager, Sony DVD RW Dru510A shows up under "Other Devices" with a '!' by it. Roll Back and Update drivers don't work. Device status shows as "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 2 To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver." Which takes me back to the hardware wizard, which isn't able to do anything.

I've read several forums, all of which advise using XP CD/DVD repair .exe's and things that do something to the registry (UpperFilters and LowerFilters or something, but I don't have those values in the particular key I've been told to go to).

I've tried looking for more original versions of the Sony firmware, but all I've gotten is: "NOTE: Windows operating systems have built in drivers to support your Sony CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM drive as a CD-ROM reader. No additional drivers are normally required once Windows is installed and running. However, you will need additional software to make use of CD Writing and DVD Video playback if your drive supports these functions."

I've tried finding ways to reinstall the Windows stuff, and I can't find anything. Only the same things over and over about messing with the registry or checking to see if the hardware is actually connected.

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regain your cd/dvd by performing the steps below:

by rocks102 In reply to Windows XP does not recog ...

=== Uninstall and Reinstall CD/DVD drivers ===

1. Start the computer.
2. Press F8 repeatedly to display the startup menu.
3. Select Safemode from the startup menu.
4. Right-Clcik "Mycomputer".
5. Select Properties.
6. Select Hardware Tab.
7. Click "Device Manager" button.
8. Click (+) plus sign next to CD/DVD drives.
9. Right-Click each component and select uninstall
10. Perform steps 9 for all the components under this category.
11. Restart the computer.

This should reload the drivers for CD/DVD drive.

check from this site how to plug the cd dvd drives

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by zlitocook In reply to Windows XP does not recog ...

Have you installed any new software? There is software that can rename, take over or hide your drives. Have you updated and run your antivirus lately, do you use a good firewall and antispyware/malware programs?
Do you back up regularly? Ok enough of the mom stuff, if your BIOS and if your device manager can see the drive then it is ether being used by a program or disabled for your profile.
Go to control panel and user accounts, create a new account. Give it every thing and create a password this is only for testing, you can delete it after you are done. Tell it to use the welcome screen so that you pick the user. Then click ok and reboot so the changes will take effect. Log on as the new user to see if see the drives if not then it is not your profile if it does then you need to save your profile settings and delete it. Reboot and log in to recreate your profile and add your settings back to your profile. Sorry if I am telling you more then needed or not enough. Let me know and I can be more helpful in my description of what to do.
Next Haha I bet you thought the last things I told you to do were bad. Try an in place repair of XP this will keep all your settings and files but you will need to reinstall all Service packs and maybe some of your programs.
Boot to your XP CD, or your CD that came with your system that says your O/S. Let run until it gets to hit enter to install XP. Hit enter and wait until it says hit F8 to except hit enter. this will take you to another screen that asks do you want to install or some thing like this, select yes. And you will get another prompt that asks you to install or

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