windows xp dual core

By alanmyers ·
when i try to use both cores it takes as long as when i had the single core computer,if that makes any sense.thanks for your time.

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What are you trying to run that gives you this impression?..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to windows xp dual core

Running a a computer with a dual core processor doesn't instantly mean that whatever you run, will automatically run twice as fast - that's not the way it all happens.

Firstly, you'd need to tell us exactly HOW you are drawing this comparison. What OS was on the old computer and which one is on the new computer?

What RAM was on the old one, and is on the new one, and how were they both configured - were they BOTH dual channel, or only the new one, or neither of them?

What do you mean by "when i try to use both cores"? How are you 'making' the computer use both cores? What are you running?

You'd be better to start off by posting with the specs for both of these machines.

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