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By jose.parra ·
I am new to this OS, how can I install Windows XP embedded on a computer?
What other options are besides Windows Embedded, I hear about Win Bart PE

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by scott_heath In reply to Windows XP Embeded

You'd have to buy Windows XP Embedded first. Then you would need to use one of the tools available to build your image. Then you would deploy the image to a device.

XPe is used in things like thin clients and POS systems typically. It is the same thing as Windows XP, but it has been made modular so you can remove components that are unneeded to make the footprint smaller. It provides more support for apps and drivers than Windows CE, but still gives you the small footprint.

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I am also looking for help with XPe

by killeentek In reply to Well...

Looking to test the posibility to run Vista MCE embedded....not sure if it is possible...but dont see why not since it is a full OS....just not sure if the live TV portion would work

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by scott_heath In reply to I am also looking for hel ...

The embedded products are the exact same as the regular products. The difference is the toolset that allows you to remove components you may not need to reduce the install footprint.

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