Windows XP File Management Issue

By rhayner ·
When working remotely with Outlook, either wireless or wired,when trying to save files attached to emails or to upload files to new outgoing emails, it takes 1.5-2.0 minutes to open each level of folder to access or save the file. For example clicking on save for the document it takes 1.5 minutes to open my documents, another 1.5 minutes or so to open up the folder and another 1.5 minutes to open up the subfolder. When I disconnect the wireless or cable, the speed to access returns. Recently also, when trying to print documents, the screen for printing tries to open but it takes a few minutes to see the selection of printers as the frame is not complete for a few seconds. Our IT department is at its wits end trying to find out what is causing this error. It is becoming very time consuming and aggravating at this point. Virus scans found the machine to be clean. Please help!

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Try again??????

by 1bn0 In reply to Windows XP File Managemen ...

"When I disconnect the wireless or cable, the speed to access returns"

How can the speed return if you have just disconnected the computer from the network.

You might want to think a little longer about your problem and re-phrase the question.

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When working remotely with Outlook?

by Kenone In reply to Windows XP File Managemen ...
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Remotely as in out of theoffice

by rhayner In reply to When working remotely wit ...

It happens when I am out of the office working either at home or in hotel using wireless or wired cable to hit the internet. I am signed to our email server and the delays occur. If I turn off the wireless and unplug the internet cable, the files quickly open and i can save the attachments or open files quickly. Recently, even when I am in the office directly connected to the network, I a getting delays. Also when I try to print a document, the window tries to open but the printer selections take several minutes to appear. No virusus or adware/trojans found with scans of the machine.

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Connection state is important

by pcs365_1 In reply to Windows XP File Managemen ...

Hi rhayner,

Check this**033.aspx and post your results (if working or not)


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Check for any

by IC-IT In reply to Windows XP File Managemen ...

mapped drives, sometimes the path is no longer valid. This will result in your issues.

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Totally Agree

by rkuhn In reply to Check for any

I've seen this numerous times when a mapped drive is no longer valid. Any IT person missing this surely hasn't been around long enough.

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